Conference Services


General Statement

The Chapel in the Faith and Life Building is a multi-purpose space. While primarily designated for corporate and individual worship, prayer and meditation, the Chapel is available for other events. As a community of the people of God, we are called to minister to all people in our world, knowing that the world is often an unloving place. All People of God regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation are welcome to use the chapel for worship, prayer and meditation.

The Campus Ministry program of events and schedule take precedence in terms of usage of the space. Other events may take place in the Chapel that honour the space as a Chapel and so not overwhelm it or attempt to radically transform it into suiting an alien function not consonant with its purpose.


The use of the Chapel is subject to the approval of the Campus Pastor(s) in consultation with the Manager of Conference Services.

Use as a non-worship space

The Chapel is a great place for concerts, recitals, presentations, forums, guest speakers, weddings, displays and meetings. Some of the furnishings, such as the altar are only available for worship purposes, however, other tables and furnishings may be substituted. All Chapel furnishings are to remain in the Chapel, unless prior permission has been obtained from either the Campus Pastor or Manager of Conference Services.

Use as a worship space

All persons or groups who use the space are asked to leave the Chapel as you have found it. You are welcome to use furnishings, vestments, paraments, elements, vessels, banners, stands, etc.; but, we ask that you consult and pre-arrange with us for their use. Some furnishings may be moved but we ask that you treat them with appropriate respect and that the space always be acknowledged as sacred space. Upon arriving please note arrangement and placement of all furnishings, plants, etc.; and upon leaving restore the original arrangement. We also request that you do not remove furnishings, banners, plants, etc. from the chapel space proper. You are also responsible to remove any accumulated garbage that your usage has caused.

The Oratory Chapel, the small, round room in the Southwest corner of the Chapel is designated at all times for private and small group prayer and meditation. Thus, those who wish to pray without distraction will always have a quiet place in which to do this even when other activities are occurring in the Chapel. This room is not a storage space for excess matter, nor a green room for coats and outside wear. Please respect this sacred space.

The Sacristy, the curved room in the Southeast corner of the Chapel is designated as the room in which the ministers of worship and assistants may vest or dress and the room in which are kept the vestments, vessels, paraments, banners, etc. Please do not remove objects from here without specific permission.

The scheduling of events is dependant upon adherence to the same general criteria for use of these spaces. Events will be considered on an individual basis. The Chapel is considered a designated space for the course of an entire year. Thus, all summer events are subject to the same criteria. Because the first floor Lounge adjacent to the Chapel architecturally functions as an extension - Narthex of the Chapel (the Chapel space flows into the Lounge; the Lounge space flows into the Chapel; the only division is a glass wall and doors), the scheduling and booking of events in the Lounge must take into consideration the use of the Chapel, especially during scheduled worship events, concerts, recitals, noon hour Lenten meditations with music, etc. Events which undermine the sanctity or inclusiveness of this worship space will not be permitted.