Conference Services


The Gymnasium serves this community as a multi-purpose space, however, several considerations must be observed before this space can be utilized.The floor of the Gymnasium is composed of hardwood with a hardened varnish surface. This surface is easily dented by heavy objects and scuffed or damaged by sharp or grainy surfaces.

Policies for Athletic Use

Only approved indoor, non-marking running shoes may be worn in the gymnasium by participants or spectators. (spectators may enter the gym and immediately proceed to the bleachers while wearing casual footwear).

Chairs, dividers, tables, or other equipment not approved by the Athletics Director or Conference Services staff may not be used on the gym floor.

Gymnastics equipment are off limits, if equipment needs to be moved, contact the Conference Services Staff or the Athletics Director.

Using adhesive substances such as tape, duct tape, glue, gum, etc. directly on the gym floor is prohibited. Food & beverages (including snacks and gum) are not permitted in the gym.

Policies for Non-Athletic Use

The floor cover must be in place before any non-athletic event takes place.

The gym floor is vulnerable to dents and hard damage, even when the floor cover is in place. Dropping heavy objects will cause damage. Therefore:

  • Pianos may only be moved on an approved dolly, typically, with large rubber (not hard plastic) tires. Pianos may then be placed on the floor on top of a piece of plywood, carpet runner, etc.
  • The large, concrete weighted sound shells are not to be moved from the stage area.

Athletic events are not permitted while the floor cover is in place. If in doubt, contact the Conference Services Staff.