Note-taking Services

Note-taking services are used by students who are deaf or hard of hearing, students with mobility disabilities (upper body limitations), students with medical conditions that significantly interfere with concentration (either the condition itself, or the effects of the medication which is required to treat the condition), blind or partially sighted students (notes for blind and partially sighted students are then converted to electronic formats and converted to audio files or enlarged print, or other formats, depending on the student), and others.

The Augustana SAS Accessibility Advisor sends a notification email early in the term to instructors of courses in which students require the service, asking for assistance in recruiting volunteer note takers from peers within the course. The email notification will outline in detail the information needed for an instructor to recruit note takers and to facilitate initial communication between the note taker and the student requiring the service. Recruiting volunteers may involve a brief address to the class prior to lecture, sending an email to the class, or approaching one or two known students.

Please note: Confidentiality is important. Please do not identify the student with the disability to the rest of the class.

Student Responsibility

The student requiring note taking services should be identifying himself or herself by meeting with you and presenting you with a Letter of Accommodation from SAS. However, this may not occur prior to receiving a request for assistance from the SAS.

Please note: North Campus in Edmonton has a different process for securing note takers, which involves using outside recruiters. Please check the north campus website for more information or contact the Edmonton SAS office at 780-492-3381.