Field and Practicum Placement Supports

Students with disabilities may require accommodation support in clinical placements, internships, cooperative placements, teaching practicums, or other experiential learning courses. Supports that have been suited to the classroom environment do not necessarily transfer to the work-like placement environment.

In any reasonable accommodation process, both the student with a disability and the post-secondary institution have rights and responsibilities. Clear communication and collaboration between all parties is the most reliable way to arrive at, and implement, effective field placement accommodations. While the instructors of the department delivering the course have knowledge regarding the competencies required for successfully passing a placement, the student has knowledge about the implications of the disability in meeting academic demands and specific tasks, and SAS has knowledge about reasonable accommodations. Thus, we recommend to students who foresee requiring support in their experiential learning courses to initiate discussion with both their instructors and SAS as early as possible.

Any instructors who teach experiential learning courses are invited to contact us to consult with the Augustana SAS Accessibility Advisor.