Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations are used by students whose disabilities or chronic health conditions impact processing and comprehending printed material, learning or concentration, and written expression. As well, accommodations may be accessed by students whose disabilities or medical conditions require rest periods. We encourage faculty to review the descriptions of exam accommodations available through (e.g., time accommodations, computer, alternate format, scribe) and welcome you to contact us with any questions.

Students receive clear instructions about writing exams through Accessibility Resources. To assure integrity of exam administration and exam security, we have developed clear and detailed Internal Exam Policies and Procedures.

Exam accommodations are a shared responsibility between the student and the educational institution (faculty and staff). Accessibility Resources supports all parties to collaborate in this endeavor.

Instructor's Responsibilities

  • Ensure exam dates are indicated on course syllabi so students can register exams requiring accommodations into the AR ClockWork database before the deadlines.

  • Determine and inform students how exams will be delivered to AR and how they should be returned.

  • Upload a copy of exams to the ClockWork database a minimum of two full business days before the exam is to be written. If the exam requires conversion into alternate format by AR , an electronic copy of the exam must be uploaded or emailed to the AR office a minimum of three full business days before the exam is to be written to allow sufficient time for conversion.

  • Complete exam details for each exam to be written at AR via the instructor interface of the ClockWork database system. In unusual cases, AR can accept this information electronically by email.

  • Include instructions regarding proper administration of the exam (use of calculator, open book, etc.). This information is required for the exam to be written at AR.

If you have questions or need clarification regarding AR exam administration policies and procedures, please contact the Student Accessibility and Success Advisor.

Online Exam Registration

  1. Login to ClockWork with your CCID and password.

  2. To schedule a test, midterm, quiz, or final, please select 'Courses' in the left navigation.

  3. Select 'Test and Exams' next to the course you would like to schedule for.

  4. Select the date for which you need to book the test/exam. If the exam does not exist on this list, please select a date from the date chooser and click 'Add this test'.

  5. Provide the date and time at which the class is writing. Please be accurate in the start and end times as this information is used to calculate accommodated time.

  6. After the test details are entered, the list of students currently registered with us to take that test should appear.

  7. Complete the Exam Details. This information was formerly the Exam Instruction and Authorization form, known as the Orange form. All information must be completed before proceeding and be completed at least 2 days prior to the exam or 3 days prior if alternate formats are needed.

  8. Carefully review the information before submitting and upload the actual test. Any changes made to information or the exam itself must be made at least 2 days prior to the exam. If changes need to be made after the deadline, please contact the Augustana Accessibility Advisor.