Services for Faculty and Staff

In keeping with the University of Alberta's commitment to employment equity, Accessibility Resources (AR) on the Edmonton North Campus has long been serving staff and faculty members with disabilities by providing direct services and collaborating in the delivery of others. The office has a broad range of expertise in matters pertaining to persons with disabilities and reasonable accommodations and thus can be consulted with regard to disability-related issues. Our primary on-going areas of support to faculty and staff members are:

Communication Support

  • Sign language interpreting and real-time captioning services (CART) for staff and faculty members who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Adaptive Technology Support

  • Assessments of staff and faculty members with disabilities who may benefit from the use of adaptive technology or other specialized equipment, as well as training in those technologies or use of those devices.

Reasonable Accommodation Fund

  • AR collaborates with Health Promotion and Work Life Services who coordinate the administration of the Reasonable Accommodation Fund (RAF) for Staff with Disabilities.