Course Accomodations

Academic Strategy Resources

Academic strategy resources and individualized strategy instruction is available to students for developing and improving critical skills for academic success.

Alternate Format Services

Alternate Format (AF) provides students with course content in a different format than a typical textbook or reading, which includes e-text, braille, large print, audio, and coloured paper.

To access Alternate Format Services, first contact your Accessibility Advisor to receive a referral. Then contact your referral to make an appointment and, at your consultation, provide a list of your courses, the books you require an Alternate Format for, and proof of purchase of these books.

Course Load Adjustment

Students who are registered with AR may be eligible to pursue their education with an adjusted course load. Faculties are willing to take disability issues into consideration when determining whether a reduced course load is reasonable. Students need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying at various course loads with their Accessibility Advisor.

Ergonomic Devices

Ergonomic devices (i.e. chairs, keyboards, mouses, etc.) may be made available to students as needed and where resources permit.

Field and Practicum Placement Accommodations

Students with disabilities may require accommodation support in clinical placements, internships, cooperative placements, practicum placements, and other experiential learning courses. Please consult with the Augustana Accessibility Advisor to explore potential supports.

Learn more about Field and Practicum Placement Accommodations

Note-taking Services

Note-taking Services are available for students whose disability affects their own note-taking during class. Volunteers within each class are recruited by Student Accessibility Services to provide their notes to these students.

Learn more about Note-taking Services

Other Services

In consultation with the student, our office may be able to negotiate other services or accommodations to meet individual needs. Please contact us if you require any services that are not listed.


If you need tutoring to address the impacts on your performance in the learning environment of a disability, medical condition, or the associated treatments you are receiving, please discuss the matter with your Accessibility Advisor. You may be eligible for funding to cover the cost of tutoring.

AR Augustana Campus does not currently have a tutor registry. To find a tutor, it is suggested that you ask your instructor or department office for recommendations and advice. You may also consider posting a request for a tutor in the student newsletter or on bulletin boards. Augustana's Accessibility Advisor may be also able to assist you.