Arranging Exam Accommodation

General Process

  • Log into ClockWork to generate your Letter of Accommodation, providing it to your instructor in either PDF form over email or in person at a scheduled meeting.

  • Enter your Exam Schedule into ClockWork as soon as you have the course syllabus. If that information is not in the syllabus or still has yet to be determined, ask the instructor to identify dates so you can register them with AR by our required deadlines. Exams must be registered at least 7 days in advance.

  • Instructors enter exam information online using the ClockWork system or by hard copy. If they choose hard copy, you are responsible for delivering the Exam Instruction and Authorization form to them. The instructor will then deliver both the form and your exam to the AR Exam Office in person. The form must be completed and signed by the instructor, not the student, and enclosed with the exam. This document is required before the exam can be written at AR.

  • You will receive two confirmation emails of an upcoming exam sent by the Exam Database/Exam Office (one sent three days before, the other twenty four hours before).

  • Clarify with the instructor, prior to the exam date, how the exam will be returned. AR does not have sufficient staff to pick up and deliver exams.

    • Your instructor or designate can pick up the exam from Reception on the main floor of Founders' Hall.

    • You can return the completed exam in an envelope, sealed, and signed by the Exam Administrator or designate to the campus address indicated by the course instructor immediately after each exam, or;

    • The exam may be returned by email.

How to register your exams online

  1. Log into ClockWork.

  2. To schedule a test, midterm, quiz, lab final, or night class final, select the 'Schedule a test, midterm or quiz'. To schedule a final exam, select 'Schedule a final exam'.

  3. Review the Exam Arrangement Agreement that appears on the next screen. it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to all exam policies and the Student Code of Conduct. Once finished, select 'Select course' from the left navigation.

  4. From the drop down menu, select the course for which you need to book an exam or test.

  5. From the list of provided dates and time, select the one when the class is writing the exam.

    If the exam you are trying to schedule is not on this list, select 'Select an alternate date and time'. Specify the exam date, the time that the class begins the exam, and the exam duration in minutes.

  6. Confirm the Instructor's contact information.

  7. Select the test-specific accommodations for which you are approved and that are required for this exam.

  8. From the list of provided dates and times, select one. Limited options may be available. If you are unable to write at the time and date provided, contact us.

  9. Review all details of your exam or test and confirm. Once you submit exam details, the system will not allow changes - necessary changes can be made by Exam Accommodation staff up to 7 days prior to the exam.