Paying for Services

During the course of the academic year, you will be sent an email outlining the cost of the services you have accessed, and how much (if any) of your grant(s) remains. Be sure to keep track of this balance every month.

Paying Student Accessibility Services

Bring either cash or a personal cheque made out to University of Alberta Accessibility Resources reception to pay for our services. A receipt will be issued for the money paid to our office, and a copy of the receipt can be sent to Students Finance at the time of payment.

Paying for services received outside of Accessibility Resources

Some students may have discussed with their Advisor an arrangement of accommodations that the student is responsible for accessing and arranging, such as disability related tutoring. Your grant cheque will be used to cover these services and payment to those that have provided these services will be arranged by you. Make sure you get receipts from your tutors or other service providers.

Outstanding payment may result in an encumbrance being placed on your student records. For more details see University Calendar (Section 23.9.10).

Submitting receipts and returning money to Student Finance

  • Receipts should be submitted to Student Finance before the end of the academic year. It is good practice to submit the receipts for services received soon as you get them.

  • Keep a copy of all your receipts. While grant money, unlike a student loan, does not need to be paid back to Students Finance, it is considered taxable income by Canada Revenue Agency.

  • When returning money to Students Finance for unused services, your cheque should be written to The Minister of Finance.

  • If Students Finance does not receive receipts or the unused money from a grant issued, you will be considered in overpayment to Student Finance. The "unaccounted-for" amount will be considered a "resource" on your next loan or grant application, and your eligibility for a loan or grant will be reduced by the figure equal to that amount.