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1. Understand your eligibility

Before you begin registering with Accessibility Resources (AR), take time to understand the guidelines we use in determining support to students.

View our terms of eligibility

AR can assist students who are exploring appropriate diagnosis(es) or are unable to provide recent documentation.

Please note: All students (except international students) using approved accommodation services with AR are required to apply for provincial and federal grants to defray the costs of those services. Failure to apply for both grants may result in an encumbrance placed on the student’s University file until the student makes up the shortfall.

All cases are considered individually and, in the circumstance that grant funding does not cover the cost of the approved accommodation service(s) required by the student, the University will assume responsibility for the remaining balance. International students must work with their AR Advisor to determine funds available to cover the costs of approved accommodation services.

2. Collect accessibility-related documentation

The documents must be completed by a physician, psychologist, or other professional/specialist involved in your diagnosis and/or treatment. Learn more about required documentation (PDF).

Bring all documentation with you to your initial consultation if not previously submitted.

3. Complete AR online registration

Using your U of A CCID to log in complete the AR online intake form.

If you do not have CCID or require assistance, please contact AR reception at sasrec@ualberta.ca or 780-492-3381.

4. Submit forms

Once signed and submitted, these forms remain in effect for the duration of your involvement with AR:

And, you must submit either:

AR can assist students who are exploring appropriate diagnosis(es) or are unable to provide recent documentation.

Only if you would like for a person in a supportive relationship with you to have access to your file information, then complete:

You must use your actual signatures on all relevant forms.

Print, photograph or scan, email forms to augsas@ualberta.ca or deliver forms to Founders' Hall 2-06.

5. AR will contact you via phone or email

AR will contact you to schedule a meeting with an Accessibility Advisor. If more than two weeks have elapsed, please contact augsas@ualberta.ca or (780) 679-1649 or stop by the office at Founders' Hall 2-06.

6. Meet with the AR Advisor

You and the Accessibility Advisor will discuss effects of barriers in the environment and impacts of diagnosis(es). Depending on these effects, a variety of accommodations and/or actions will be discussed, considered, and decided upon.

7. Activate AR accommodations before each term

Once you are enrolled in U of A classes, go to the AR online system (ClockWork) to activate accommodations, generate Letters of Accommodation, schedule exam accommodations, and request other AR services.

If you enroll in additional classes or change classes/sections after renewing AR accommodations, you must also renew accommodations for each additional class.


If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact AR at augsas@ualberta.ca or by phone at (780) 679-1649.