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Understand your eligibility

Before you begin registering with Student Accessibility Services (SAS), take time to understand the guidelines we use in determining support to students.

View our terms of eligibility

Book an initial consultation with an Accessibility Advisor

Appointments can be booked in-person in Founders' Hall 2-06, by phone at 780-679-1649, or by email at augsas@ualberta.ca.

Collect disability-related documentation

The documents should be completed by your physician, psychologist, or other professional/specialist involved in your diagnosis and/or treatment. The documents should:

  • Outline the nature of your disability (i.e. specific diagnosis)

  • Indicate how long the condition has been present and is expected to persist (i.e. permanency)

  • Describe the impact the condition has had on your ability to manage the demands of the academic environment.


Bring all documentation with you to your initial consultation.

Complete the appropriate registration form

If you are a new student to Student Accessibility Services, the New Student Information form can be completed before your appointment.

Print the New Student Information form (PDF)

If you are a continuing student with Student Accessibility Services, please complete the Continuing Student Information form.

Print the Continuing Student Information form (PDF)

Print the Verification of Disability Form (PDF) (to be filled out if anything has changed since you last registered)

Meet with your Accessibility Advisor

The Accessibility Advisor will collect information related to the effect of the disability on access, learning, behaviour, and/or performance while pursuing your studies and complete an Initial Intake form with you. Depending on these effects, a variety of accommodations and/or actions will be discussed, considered, and decided upon.

You and your Advisor will enter information into the Clockwork program which outlines your required accommodations. Students will be assigned a status indicating their level of access to SAS services and the follow up required.


Students lacking documentation of their disability or who are unable to provide recent documentation will be referred to the appropriate service(s) for assessment and/or to obtain documentation. If you believe you have an unconfirmed disability, you must commit to the process(es) involved in obtaining assessment and documentation as asked by the Accessibility Advisor. Students pursuing an assessment may be given accommodation during the process, but failure to follow through the process may result in losing accommodations.