Eligible Students

University of Alberta students who have documentation of a permanent disability or chronic health condition, completed by a qualified professional, can receive services through Accessibility Resources (AR).

Based on an intake interview, we can begin serving students who are in the process of obtaining documentation of their disability or condition. For example, if a student is in the process of psycho-educational assessments to determine the nature of a learning problem, our office will initiate services. If documentation is not provided, or the results of assessments indicate that no disability can be established, the student will be referred elsewhere for support.

We serve students with documentation of anxiety disorders that are generalized and exacerbated by certain situations, which may or may not include exams.

International Students

Instructors often refer international students to our office for support services, especially for extended time on exams. If an international student has a disability and the necessary documentation, then the student can register with AR and appropriate services will be explored. However, our mandate is limited to students with documented disabilities. If the concerns being raised centre around English as a second language, the student will be referred to other possible university services which may be of assistance.

Ineligible Students

We do not provide services to students who 'self-diagnose' with a disorder. For example, a student who comes to us with concerns about 'exam anxiety' will be referred first to the Personal Counselling Centre. This student may also be assisted to review and improve exam-writing techniques, time management, and current study skills to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Students will also be encouraged to seek professional help from a family physician or other medical practitioner in the Camrose community. If documentation of an anxiety disorder results from these consultations, the student will then be eligible for services through AR.

Our resources generally limit us to serving students with permanent disabilities. For students recovering from temporary injuries, or surgeries, or those who have acute (temporary) illnesses or disabling conditions, our office may be able to offer partial, interim services. Interim services are available to these students on a case-by-case basis only, however, conditional on available resources. The University of Alberta, however, is obligated to assist students with temporary disabilities, as outlined in the Alberta Human Rights. AR can serve as an information resource for departments who need to arrange short-term accommodations for students with temporary medical conditions.

More information for students with temporary medical conditions is available here.