Policy for Students with Disabilities

The University of Alberta has a tradition of encouraging academically qualified persons with disabilities to seek admission to its programs. It has also demonstrated its commitment to provide support services to students with disabilities to enable them to fully access University facilities and successfully complete its programs. In assisting students with disabilities, the University's criteria for academic excellence will not be compromised.

Although the primary responsibility for the provision of services rests with Accessibility Resources (AR), the provision of a supportive physical, academic and social environment is the responsibility of the entire University.

To achieve its goal of attracting and retaining qualified disabled students, the University commits itself to the following objectives:

  1. The University of Alberta will ensure that persons with a disability are considered for admission to any programs for which they are academically qualified within the quota restrictions of the programs.

  2. Where warranted, and without compromising its academic standards, the University will modify program course load, examination procedures, and other academic requirements to permit students with disabilities to complete their programs. In determining any special circumstances which request the modification of a requirement, consultation will take place between the AR and the Deans of Faculties or their designates. When arriving at appeal decisions, individuals and committees will take into account disability-related factors. A student with a disability making an appeal may request advocacy from AR.

  3. In consultation with appropriate University units, Accessibility Resources will provide the following:

    • orientation to the University
    • assessment of needs
    • personal and academic advising
    • referrals to additional services or agencies
    • program planning
    • registration assistance
    • interpreting arrangements
    • advocacy
    • liaison with departments and faculties
    • loan of available specialized equipment
    • obtaining permission to tape lectures
    • available volunteer assistance including: note taking, exam writing assistance, mobility assistance, taping of readings, library research help, escort or study help, tutoring, special project help.

    While support services will include the above, if further evidence supports the need for changes or additional services, these will be considered for implementation within the limits of the University's financial resources.

  4. The University will continue its policy of:

    • ensuring accessibility and safety by removing barriers which affect the wide range of students with disabilities;
    • making special parking available to disabled students in keeping with city and provincial standards; and
    • seeking ways to provide housing units adapted for use by disabled students.

This policy was originally passed by the General Faculties Council of the University of Alberta in September, 1988.