Sarah Tregonning
Sarah Tregonning
Student Accessibility and Success Advisor

Sarah has been working with students at Augustana since 2011 and joined the Student Life office in September to manage Augustana's Accessibility Resources office.

She has completed her BA in Psychology and her Master of Public Health in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Alberta. Along the way, she attended post-secondary institutions in 4 different Canadian provinces, experiencing Canada from east to west. Throughout her student and career days, Sarah has worked with students and staff with chronic disabilities. She uses her background in psychology and public health to focus on building resilience in her students and in preventing problems before they arise. In this role, she enjoys working directly with students to support and empower them as they discover new strengths, ideas and opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Sarah is also a dog-lover and sports fan who spends much of her free time travelling and enjoying soccer and figure skating. Always happy to discuss the offside trap, goal-line technology, or corruption in large sports organizations, she plans her vacations around the World Cup and figure skating competitions. Her pug has now gotten used to hearing her yell at the TV and no longer bothers waking up from her nap.

Office: Forum L 1-090
Phone: 780.679.1649