Health, Wellness and Accessibility

Counselling Services

Pastoral Counselling

The University Pastor, Craig Wentland is available to all students, faculty and staff to provide emotional, spiritual and relational direction and counsel. Pastor Craig's office is located on the second floor of the Library, 2-141.
Check the Augustana Chaplaincy Home Page!

Personal Counselling

We offer shorter-term counselling with the intention to address concerns that are adversely impacting a student’s state of mind, interpersonal well being, emotional regulation, or somatic experience.

The What's of Counselling


Counselling services are open

I am here to support you!  I may be working remotely but I'm still "here" to provide you with counselling services you need. 

During the COVID-19 campus closure and effective March 18, in person counselling sessions will be offered remotely over the telephone,

To book a phone appointment please access the online calendar.

Please refer to the Wellness Resource page for further community resources. Currently, some of these resources may also be offered remotely. 

The Augustana Personal Counsellor is:

Carmen Person, MA, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Library, Second Floor, 2-143