Counselling Services

Pastoral Care

The Augustana Chaplain, Pastor Craig Wentland, is available to chat with students about any life concern. Pastoral Care particularly recognizes the spiritual dimension of life and calls upon it as a strength and resource during times of struggle. Pastoral Care is for persons of all faith and non-faith traditions and spiritualities, wherever you are on your journey. Augustana Chaplaincy is an LGBTQ2S+ Safe Space. To make an appointment with Pastor Craig, email

Check the Augustana Chaplaincy Home Page!

Personal Counselling

The Augustana Counselling Therapist, Carmen Person, works with Augustana students to promote and support their capacity to grow, develop, adapt and change. Within this counselling relationship, the students’ current or past stressors, struggles or concerns are identified and explored. Together a plan is established that guides the therapeutic process toward the desired goals.

Carmen’s counselling therapy style is informed by various therapeutic approaches to meet the diverse needs of each student. Counselling appointments are offered during the academic year (September - April) and the number of sessions are mutually decided upon based on goals and needs.

Counselling at Augustana is offered within an LGBTQ2S+ Safe Space, a place where diversity is met in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The What's of Counselling


Typically counselling appointments are face to face on campus, however remote work continues through the fall semester. This means students have the option to meet the counsellor on the phone or over a video meeting.

Book an appointment

Please note the counsellor is only available to see students during the academic year (September - April). If you have difficulty finding an appointment that fits your schedule or if you have questions please email us at

Please refer to the Wellness Resource page for further community resources. Currently, some of these resources may also be offered remotely.

The Augustana Personal Counsellor is:

Carmen Person, MA, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Library, Second Floor, 2-143