Health, Wellness and Accessibility

Health Services

In case of emergency

If the condition is LIFE-THREATENING, the first person to the scene initiates first aid and instructs a bystander to call an ambulance at 911. Then call the Director, Student and Residence Services at 780-679-1181, or after hours, your Hall Coordinator.

If the condition is Not Life-Threatening, the first person on the scene initiates first aid and then calls a Resident Assistant or the Hall Coordinator.

Emergency and Health Care numbers

Ambulance 911 or 780.672.5115
Hospital/Emergency 780.679.6100
Smith Clinic 780.672.2423
     Emergency room, Night, Sundays & Holidays 780.679.6100
Public Health 780.679.2980
Health Link Alberta 1.866.408.5465
     24/7 nurse telephone advice and health info service  
Student Services 780.679.1163
Residence Life 780.679.1111
     Robert Ford 780.679.1546
Nurse Navigator 780.679.1160