Admission to Hospital

You are admitted to the hospital at the request of your doctor. An admission form is filled in by the Admitting Officer on all bookings.

Emergency patients are admitted at any time during the day or night.

On the day of your admission, please report to the Admitting Office, which is located at the main entrance on 53rd Street.

What to bring

Travel light. Night attire, slippers, robe, and toilet articles are the only essentials. Your personal items are not the responsibility of the hospital. Leave money and other valuables at home or in your dorm. (Or, they may be deposited in the hospital safe on admission, if necessary.)

It is a good idea to have some change for the pay telephone. If you have papers or instructions from your doctor, please bring them along.

Be sure to bring your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan Identification Card with you and any details of other hospital insurance coverage you might have (e.g., Blue Cross).

Your hospital bill

Alberta Health Care Insurance covers your care, ward accommodation and food.

If you wish to have a private or a semi-private room, this will be provided, if available, at the time of your admission. The additional charge for this preferred accommodation will be billed directly by the hospital to your insurance carrier, or to you, if you are not insured for a private or semi-private room.

Visiting a hospital patient

Visiting hours at St. Mary's Hospital are: 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Only two visitors are allowed at a time. Please limit your visit to prevent fatigue to the patient.

There is no smoking in the patient rooms. Visitors are not permitted to smoke in the hospital.