Health, Wellness and Accessibility


Health Insurance

Alberta Students:

The Alberta Health Care Insurance plan pays for the health care of all Albertans belonging to the plan.  Your Alberta Health Care card must be presented whenever you receive health care.

Out-of-province Students:

Students from other provinces are still considered residents of their home province and are still covered by their own provincial health care insurance.  Students must present valid provincial health care insurance cards when receiving treatment in Alberta.

Health Care Insurance for International Students—Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) is the basic health insurance plan for Alberta residents and is available for all international students who intend to reside in Alberta for at least 12 consecutive months. All students enrolled in degree programs should apply immediately for AHCIP.

Applications for AHCIP are available at the Student Services Coordinator’s Office in 2-330, Faith and Life Centre. Once your AHCIP application is mailed, you can expect your card in approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

Health Care Insurance for Exchange and Visiting students—University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP)

Students attending the U of A for a duration between 6 weeks and 12 months will be required to participate in the University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP) - unless they are eligible for Alberta Health Care Insurance. Coverage by any other insurance plan will not exempt you from UAHIP. If you have Alberta Health Care Insurance you may opt out of UAHIP. To do so, bring proof of AHCIP coverage to the Student Services Coordinator in 2-330, Faith and Life Centre before September 30 for the Fall term and January 31 for the Winter term. Contact the Student Services Coordinator in 2-330, Faith & Life Centre for more information.

Student Accident Insurance Coverage

University of Alberta, Augustana Campus has an accident insurance policy which covers students 24 hours a day, every day, including summer vacation and other school breaks.

Some of the conditions due to accident that the policy covers are:

  • loss of life.
  • loss or permanent loss of use of eyes, hearing, speech, or various limbs.
  • replacement or repair of eyeglasses or contact lenses where injury occurs and treatment is received by a physician up to a maximum amount.
  • wage loss protection for full-time students who are employed part time.  During periods of disability caused by injury, pays a percentage of hourly wage to a maximum amount during the term of this insurance.
  • dread disease expense.
  • emergency transportation to a doctor's office or nearest hospital (i.e., by ambulance) subject to a maximum amount. (Note:  Alberta Health Care does not cover ambulance service.)
  • the fracture or dislocation of a bone or limb when the injury requires medical or surgical treatment.
  • confinement disability benefit per month, payable on 31st day of confinement for up to a maximum allowable number of consecutive months as a result of injury.
  • dental expense reimbursement up to a maximum limit as a result of injury.

Detailed policy information (as well as claim forms) are available at the Student and Residence Services Office (Faith & Life 2-336).