Substance Use Policy

In response to the legalization of cannabis on October 17, 2018, Augustana Campus initiated a review of its Substance Use Policy. Following recommendations from an Augustana advisory committee and falling in line with University of Alberta policy, an interim policy which permits the consumption of cannabis and alcohol in select areas on Augustana Campus will begin in the Fall of 2019.

Please visit Cannabis Legalization in Alberta for important details about the law.

Visit the Resource Page for more detailed information about cannabis and cannabis law in Canada.

Visit the Cannabis at the University of Alberta page for the university's policy on cannabis.

Cannabis and alcohol on Augustana Campus

  • Smoking and vaping of cannabis and the consumption of alcohol products are permitted in a limited number of locations on campus.
  • Smoking and vaping of cannabis products inside any campus buildings is not permitted.
  • Alcohol storage and alcohol consumption will be permitted in personal and private living areas in residences while maintaining alcohol-free zones in hallways, commons areas and specified residence floors.
  • Growing cannabis plants in any university building (other than in approved research) is not permitted. This includes residences.
  • Sales, advertising, branding and sponsorship of cannabis and alcohol products on campus or at university events is not permitted.

In Alberta, people aged 18 and over can purchase cannabis, cannabis oil and alcohol from stores and online. As such, Augustana Campus is viewing this policy as an opportunity to educate students about healthy decisions regarding the consumption of legal substances, while also creating an open and accepting environment where students can feel comfortable coming forward to ask questions or for help.