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Please note: Augustana campus does NOT have reserved or electric plug-in parking available.

This page is not a complete copy of the Traffic and Parking Regulations. Complete Traffic and Parking Regulations can be found here.

Parking permits

All students, faculty and staff of Augustana who wish to park their vehicles on campus are required to display a valid parking permit. Permits affixed by adhesive tape or other means are deemed invalid and will be subject to ticketing and/or towing. Permits remain the property of Augustana and are available from the Student and Residence Services Office, located in Faith & Life 2-336.

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Motorcycle parking requires a valid parking permit and is subject to all Traffic and Parking Regulations.

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Residence Students' Parking

Residence students MUST park in the Ravine Complex Parking Lot (P5) ONLY with a valid parking permit. Residence students are NOT permitted to park in the Faith & Life Parking Lot or Theatre Centre Parking Lot. Violators will have their vehicles ticketed and/or towed from the campus at the owner’s expense. The visitor parking area in the Ravine Complex is for the use of visitors to the Ravine Complex residents.  Residence students are NOT permitted to park in the Ravine Complex visitor parking area at ANY time.

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Visitor parking information

Visitor parking is available ONLY in the Visitor Parking area in the K. Glen Johnson Faith and Life Parking Lot and in the designated spaces in the Ravine Complex Parking Lot (see map). Space is limited and is not available at all times. Visitor parking is NOT available in the First-Year Complex area. All students are responsible for advising their guests of the parking policies and will be held accountable for any parking fines and/or towing charges incurred by their visitors.

Augustana students and employees are NOT considered “visitors” and MAY NOT use Visitor Parking areas weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. At no time are Resident students permitted to park in the Ravine Visitor Parking area.

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Loading zones

All Loading Zones are marked with signs. You may park your car in a Loading Zone for a maximum of 15 minutes provided that your flashers are activated. If your flashers are not activated you will be fined $30.00 and will be towed. Parking in a Loading Zone in excess of 15 minutes will result in towing.

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Street parking

Limited parking is available on the streets bordering the campus. Restricted areas are posted by the City of Camrose and high fines are imposed for violators. No permit is required for street parking.

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Change of vehicle

If permit holders sell or substitute a vehicle, the Student and Residence Services Office must be notified. Please be sure to bring your vehicle registration for the new or substitute vehicle when you come to register your new vehicle.

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Temporary permits

Temporary parking permits (for periods of less than 2 weeks) may be obtained from the Student and Residence Services Office free of charge.

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Permit holders will be charged $30.00 per violation.

Non-permit holders will be charged $30.00 per violation plus a $16.00 vehicle search fee.

When applicable, towing charges will be billed to the vehicle owner. All tows are subject to GST.

Fines may be paid at the Student and Residence Services Office within four (4) working days.  After this time, financial holds will be placed on the student’s account preventing course registration changes and/or release of transcripts.  Holds will be removed when the fines are paid.

When ticketed, it is to your advantage to report to the Student and Residence Services Office within the 4-day period if you do not have a parking permit to avoid the $16.00 search fee.

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Your vehicle will be towed from a fire lane, loading zone, and/or emergency access route. Your vehicle will be towed off-campus. The owner is responsible to pay the towing company directly for all costs involved (including vehicle storage costs incurred at the towing company’s commercial rate) to retrieve your vehicle.

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Emergency access routes and fire lanes

Parking/stopping in a signed emergency access route or fire lane is NOT permitted at any time OR under any circumstance. Vehicles left unattended will be towed off campus ;(see Towing). This regulation is strictly enforced to allow easy access by emergency equipment to campus facilities.

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Abusive language

Use of abusive language with towing company personnel or Augustana Parking Officers will result in disciplinary action.

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An Appeal of a parking/towing violation may be submitted in writing to the Parking Appeals Committee, c/o Student and Residence Services Office within four working days after receiving a violation.  Appeals after this time will not be considered until the fine has been paid.  Appeals which are not submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of violation will not be considered.

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Augustana’s Traffic and Parking Regulations are strictly enforced at all times during the academic year (September through April) including long weekends and holidays.

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Vehicle Boosting Services

Armour Towing
Phone: 780.673.0067
AMA/CAA memberships ARE accepted. 

Battle River Towing
Phone: 780.672.1212
AMA/CAA memberships are NOT accepted. 

Camrose Towing
Phone: 780.672.0666
AMA/CAA memberships are NOT accepted.

Double T Auto Body Ltd.
Phone: 780.672.1444
AMA/CAA memberships are NOT accepted. 

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