Protective Services

Non-Emergency Numbers

Police: 780.672.4444
Fire: 780.672.2906
Hospital: 780.679.6100

Protective Services Augustana Campus

Sgt. Tony Thomsen
Room A-029, Auxiliary Building
Tel: 780.679.1555  Cell: 780.679.7571

Protective Services Headquarters, North Campus (Open 24/7)

Assistance, Complaints and Information: 780.608.2905
Education Car Park North Campus

UAPS Headquarters is open 24/7. If you can’t reach the Augustana UAPS office, please contact Headquarters.

Paladin Security

Tel: 780.563.0067
Paladin Security is an after-hours private security company under contract to the University of Alberta. Paladin patrols the Augustana Campus Monday through Sunday from 8pm to 4 am. Report any suspicious activity to Paladin Security and call Paladin if you would like an escort to your parked vehicle.

Building Emergency: water, power, heat, flood, etc.

Day time hours: 780.679.1618
After hours: 780.679.1523