Resident students will not be allowed meal privileges without personally presenting their ONECard before entry into the Dining Hall.

With a valid ONECard, each student is allowed full dining privileges which include:

  • unlimited seconds on portions of items from a full salad bar;
  • complete and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner menus;
  • a wide selection of beverages; and
  • regularly scheduled special events.

Students will bus their own dishes and respect the rights of others using the Dining Hall.

Students who receive unauthorized meals or who enable non-paying guests to receive unauthorized meals will be billed for such meals and will be subject to disciplinary action.

No dishes or cutlery may be removed from the Dining Hall.

Students who are barefoot, are dressed in swim clothes, are without shirts, are in pajamas and/or housecoats, or whose dress is judged to be inappropriate or objectionable for the Food Service environment will not be admitted to the Dining Hall.

No food shall be taken from the dining room with the exception of sick trays and/or one fresh fruit only.