Residence Policies

  1. Doors and Keys
    1. Entry into all residence buildings is through the main front door. In the Ravine Complex, these are the doors to the lounges or the doors that face the ravine road. In the First Year Complex, this is the front door to the main foyer. Entry and exit through wing doors is prohibited except in the case of an emergency in the Ravine Complex. This policy is to protect the security of residents and their belongings.
    2. You are issued keys when you receive your room assignment.
    3. If you lose your room key, you may request one from your RA. You will be charged a replacement fee of $35.00 per key.
    4. DO NOT copy keys. Unauthorized copying of keys is a Section D offense under the community standards.
    5. If you do not turn in your room key when you vacate your room, there is a cost of $100.00 for lock replacement.
    6. For your protection and security, the doors are locked for the night at 12:00 midnight. In the First Year Complex check-point staff will be on duty to let you in when you show your valid student identification card. In the Ravine Complex, you are provided with a key for the student entrance door. Ravine Complex residences are locked 24 hours a day.
  2. Guests
    1. If you wish to have guests stay in your room, you should obtain a Guest Pass from your RA which should be carried at all times by your guest. It is strongly discouraged for a guest to stay longer than two days. Augustana also reserves the right to ask any visitor to leave the residence. Students are responsible for informing their guests of Augustana policies and are held responsible for their guests' behaviour.
    2. Guests should be directed to park their vehicles in the VISITOR PARKING area of the Faith & Life parking lot ONLY! Students are responsible should their guest(s) incur a parking violation and/or a towing charge.
    3. Failure to ensure proper conduct of your guest is a Section E offense under the community standards.
    4. Public Areas (Please note the following restrictions)
      1. Fire codes prohibit storing anything in hallways or stairways.
      2. Athletic events (floor hockey, frisbee, etc.) may not be staged in hallways.
      3. No cooking or ironing may be done in hallways.
  3. Illness

    In the case of illness, contact your RA. They can help arrange to have a meal from the Dining Hall made available to you. Professors should also be contacted to inform them of your absence from class.
  4. Musical Instruments

    All practicing is to be done in the practice rooms provided by the music department. These rooms are located on the lower floor in North Hall. You may obtain a practice room key from the Fine Arts Administrative Assistant (N107) for use throughout the year by paying a deposit of $5.00. Playing instruments in residence rooms could interfere with other students' rights to study and sleep. Violating Noise guidelines is a Section E Offense under the Community Standards.
  5. Noise

    Residents who are disturbed by another student should first request that the other student quiet down. If this does not solve the problem, the resident should then direct the complaint to the Resident Assistant. Resident Assistants will refer noise infractions for disciplinary action. Violating Noise guidelines is a Section E Offense under the Community Standards.

    1. Quiet Hours are in effect from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.
    2. Courtesy hours are in effect from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  6. Personal Property

    The University's property insurance does not include the personal effects of the students occupying the residence halls or other living spaces of the institution. The University cannot be responsible for damage or loss of personal property, regardless of cause. Residents are urged to provide their own personal insurance or to check with their family's policy to see if they are covered for any eventuality while attending university.
  7. Storage of Personal Property

    Augustana has limited storage for personal property during the academic year. Student's may sign out a key for H011 (aka, hockey equipment storage room) to store bicycles, hockey equipment, luggage or other items. This room is a common storage area which means all students with the key have access to the area, therefore, it is not a secure area and students use the room at their own risk. Storage of personal property in public spaces is prohibited and may result in disposal of the property or a Section E Violation of the Community Standards.

  8. Pets

    Pets are not permitted. Violation of the Pet Policy is a Section E Offense under the Community Standards.
  9. Room Check-In/Check-Out

    At the beginning of the year, you will be given an inventory sheet on which your RA has noted the condition of your room and furnishings. You should review this inventory sheet and request that your RA add anything that may have been inadvertently missed. Your RA will turn this form in to your Hall Coordinator. Any time you move from your room, your RA will check the condition of your room against the inventory sheet, and any discrepancies will be noted. Your Hall Coordinator will make the final inspection and any repairs or replacements will be charged against your damage deposit.

    Since you are responsible for any damage beyond normal wear, please be very specific and take special care to review the check-in form to avoid being charged for previous damage. Failure to check-out with your RA (or another Residence Staff member) is considered improper check-out and is a Section E violation under the Community Standards.

  10. Room Decorations

    Generally speaking you are free to use and decorate your room in any way you wish --provided, of course, that you do not damage Augustana property. However, the University reserves the right to restrict the use or display of any material (posters, films, etc.) that could be considered offensive by community standards. Posting inappropriate material is a Section E offense under the Community Standards.

  11. Floor Murals

    Residents may wish to paint a mural on their floor as a memory for posterity purposes. All murals must be approved by the Supervisor, Residence and Conference Services. The following guidelines will apply.

    1. The mural must be painted with a latex based paint with low Pov's
    2. The size of the mural must not exceed 1 meter square.
    3. Students may paint a pre-approved graphic design, include the year and their names. No other comments or statements will be permitted.
    4. Offensive material will be painted over at the expense of the floor
  12. Room Inspection

    Generally residence rooms are inspected at the beginning of each break to ensure that lights are off, heat is properly set, no hazardous conditions exist, and that windows and doors are locked. Augustana also reserves the right to conduct room inspection without prior notice to provide emergency or routine maintenance, to inspect for fire hazards or other safety-related conditions, to quell a disturbance, to protect the health and well-being of an individual(s), or to investigate possible violation(s) of Augustana policy. Room inspections are done during the Christmas break.
  13. Room repairs

    Should you require room repairs, you should contact your Resident Assistant who will fill out a repair request form and take it to the Hall Coordinators' Office. It is then passed on to Facilities and Operations. Room repairs are carried out based on a priority system, with Health and Safety repairs at the top of the list. Operational realities may slow the response for some repairs (for example, during heavy snow fall most F&0 staff will be clearing sidewalks, or if a major repair is required elsewhere on the campus).
  14. Roommates and Room Changes

    Your room and your roommate are normally assigned for the academic year. If you wish to change rooms or roommates you must discuss it with your Resident Assistant and have it approved by your Hall Coordinator. Moves are discouraged during the first weeks of the semester since there are adjustments that need to be made by students as they begin life in a residential community. It is important that room changes are done with the permission of residence staff. Accurate housing lists are very important for managing emergencies which is why unauthorized moves are considered a Section E violation under the Community Standards.
  15. Smoking

    Augustana is committed to providing a total smoke-free environment, therefore, smoking is not permitted in any of its buildings including all residences. Smoking is not permitted within 5 metres of any residence entrance, window or ventilation intake. Violation of the smoking policy is a Section E offense under the Community Standards.
  16. Stereos

    You may use stereo equipment in your room with consideration for others around you. Inappropriate use of such equipment will result in fines and stereo removal. The use of headphones is recommended. Violating Noise guidelines is a Section E Offense under the Community Standards
  17. Violations and Disciplinary Action

    The occupants of a room are considered primarily responsible for violations which occur in their room whether they are present or not. Furthermore, all residents who are present in a room where an Augustana policy is being violated will be subject to disciplinary action. If you find yourself in the presence of a violation, leave immediately.
  18. Waterbeds

    Senior students living in the Ravine Complex may have waterbeds if

    1. they contact the Supervisor, Residence and Conference Services
    2. it is agreeable to both roommates
    3. the student accepts full responsibility for any damage his/her waterbed may cause.
  19. Window Screens

    Students are not permitted to remove the window screens from the windows not only because of the safety risk removal represents but also because the screens are easily damaged. A fine of $25 will be charged to rooms when it is determined that screens are or have been removed plus whatever repair costs. If you have a problem with a screen, notify your RA or HC and let them correct the problem. All screens are marked and labeled for each room. The switching of screens or unauthorized replacing of them will result not only in a fine, but whatever charges are incurred for damages. The throwing of any materials from open residence hall windows is also strictly prohibited and will result in further sanctions. Removal of screens is considered a Section C Offense under the Community Standards.
  20. Hot Water Heating

    Most of Augustana's buildings are heated by 60 to 90 degree Celsius water being pumped through pipes and radiant fins. The water in these pipes will freeze if they are exposed to air colder than 0 degrees Celsius and the flow of water is interrupted (ie: a thermostat is set such that the zone valve for that section of building closes). The usual result of a frozen pipe is the flooding of immediate and adjoining areas. Students are responsible for damages occurring as a result of frozen pipes breaking. Please try to keep windows closed during cold weather. If the temperature in your dorm room is unusually hot or cold, contact your RA for assistance.
  21. Fire Hazards

    Having open flames or other fire hazards such as candles, incense, barbeques, sunlamps, hot plates, electric blankets, space heaters, are prohibited in the residences. Violation of this policy is a Section B Offense under the Community Standards.
  22. Cooking Facilities and Refrigerators

    To comply with health and sanitation requirements, basic food preparation and cooking in student rooms is not permitted. Coffee pots and popcorn poppers may be used in your room. Refrigerators may be rented from the Students' Association or students may bring their own. Refrigerators must state that they are rated at 3.5 Amps or less. All refrigerators must be checked and approved by residence staff. Personal or consumer-sized microwave ovens (rated under six amps or 700 watts) are permitted in student rooms, but their use must be limited to the warming of pre-packaged, microwavable food items. (This is not to be construed as an alternative to Food Services, which remains the sole source of basic meals for students residing on campus.) Toaster ovens, convection ovens, and other appliances using exposed coils or heating elements are not allowed. Small kitchens are provided in each residence to enable students to prepare special meals. Use of unauthorized cooking appliances in the residences is a Section E offense under the Community Standards.
  23. Furnishings and Linen

    Each residence room is provided with a bed, a desk, bookshelves, a study lamp, drawers and closet space. Sheets and pillowcases are provided by Augustana if students desire. Students are responsible for the laundering of these linens until check out. Other bedding and towels are NOT supplied.

    You are perfectly free to move furniture around in your room as long as it is put back in place at the year's end. It is important that all the furniture in your room when you arrive remain in your room unless you receive permission from your Hall Coordinator. It is your responsibility to return the same piece of furniture at year's end or else a fine will be levied. Unauthorized removal of university furniture or furnishings from residence hall rooms and lounges is forbidden and is considered a Section C offense under the Community Standards. Students are financially responsible for it (no matter where it is stored) and will be subject to fines and/or other sanctions levied by Augustana.

  24. Group Billing

    Because the residence halls are operated on a self-sustaining basis, students will be charged for damage to or loss of furniture, equipment, rooms, and common areas (normal wear and tear excepted). If individual responsibility for loss or damage cannot be determined, charges may be pro-rated to all residents of a floor, hall/dorm, or residence complex for damage to or special cleaning of that area or facility. Billing will be made periodically throughout the school term. Upon notification of group damages, residents will have 2 weeks for the involved parties to come forward on their own or be identified by others and the assessment amended. After the two week period, damages will be assessed as a group bill.

  25. Laundry Facilities

    Campus laundry facilities are for the use of residence students only. Coin-operated washers and dryers are available in the Commons Lounge and in the Social and Study Lounges of the First Year Complex. Any problems with the machines should be reported to your Resident Assistant or Hall Coordinator immediately. Note, the University shall not be responsible for loss or damages as a result of use of the laundry machines.

  26. Christmas Break

    The residences are closed during the Christmas Break. Residences close at 9:00 pm on the last day of December exams and open Sunday before January Classes begin.

  27. Hazardous Materials, Chemicals and Toxic Substances

    Storage and Use of hazardous materials, chemicals or toxic substances in residence is prohibited. Hazardous materials include but are not limited to: automotive fluids such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oils or lubricants; propane, butane, lighter fluid or other flammable chemicals; pesticides, herbicides or insecticides including mothballs; paint, paint thinner other than paints authorized by the University; any other toxic substance listed on the Government of Canada Toxic Substance List.