Student Residence

Residence Substance Use Policy


An advisory committee made up of current UAlberta Augustana students, staff and faculty gave their recommendations for the policy update based on consultation with the wider campus community, North Campus and Camrose Bylaw.
This is an interim policy, created to focus on harm reduction and will be reviewed during the 2019-2020.


Personal Space - a personal space is a residence room or bedroom that is specifically contracted to an individual student.

Private Space - is a space contracted to more than one student but is restricted to include the following; double dormitory room, shared washrooms in the Ravine Residence, spaces other than bedrooms in the learning community house.

Common Space - these are spaces not contracted to specific students, and include the following; floor lounges, hallways, washrooms in the first year residence, kitchenettes, the basement lounges in the first year residence, first year lobby and the commons lounge.

Alcohol Free Community - a community where the residents have chosen to live on a floor or wing where consumption of alcohol in personal or private spaces is not allowed. Members of these communities would be permitted to possess alcohol for the purpose of storage and transport to appropriate locations for consumption.

Policy Changes

Possession and consumption of alcohol will be permitted in personal and private spaces. Consumption does not require an approval process however the following restrictions apply:

  • no glass beer, cooler bottles, or spirit bottles less than 750 ml (750 ml or greater glass wine or spirit bottles are permitted).
  • drinking games are not permitted.
  • Kegs of any size are not permitted.
  • open alcohol in common spaces is not permitted (eg you are not permitted to go room to room with open alcohol).
  • noise or other negative effects related to the consumption of alcohol will be dealt with according to the community standards.