• Can I have a single room?

    A limited number of single rooms are available on the campus and while we attempt to accommodate all requests, available space is the primary factor limiting the number of single rooms we have. If space permits, we assign single rooms later in the summer (August), based on numbers of students planning to live in residence and space availability.

    Every year we set aside a small number of rooms for students that have a permanent disability with an identified need for special accommodation. The reasons can be anything from a medical accommodation to mental health issues. Students needing single rooms as a special accommodation must register with our Student Accessibility Resources Office. You can learn more about Student Accessibility Resources on our website at:


  • Will I have a roommate?
    The majority of first and second year students will have a roommate. Augustana has very limited space for single rooms and requests are granted based on space available, age, medical reasons, year of study and how soon the request was made (see "Can I have a single room?" above for additional information).
  • When will I know who my roommate is?

    If you and a friend both requested each other, you will be placed together as roommates. If you didn't have a specific roommate request, we don't automatically inform you who your roommate is. You can e-mail augustana.residences@ualberta.ca to request your roommate information.

    If your roommate has granted permission, we can release their name and UAlberta e-mail address. Requests for roommate information must be received by August 16. Requests after that date may not receive a response due to the volume of inquiries being received by the Residence Services Office.

  • Can I have a guest in my room?
    Yes, but on a limited basis. You can have a guest in your room for no more than 4 days in a row, and for no more than 10 days in total for each semester.

    If you have a roommate, you need permission from your roommate to have the guest stay in the room.

    Also, if you are in the First Year Residence, you need to register your guest with your RA in order to receive a guest pass. Without the guest pass, your guest will not be allowed past check-point. Hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guest at all times, and will be held accountable if the guest is in violation of the community standards.
  • How do I report a maintenance concern with my room?
    Report the concern to your RA who will communicate your concern to Facilities and Operations. Facilities and Operations will receive the request and then prioritize the issue relative to other concerns on campus. If the matter has not been addressed within a reasonable time, follow-up with your RA or contact your Hall Coordinator.
  • What appliances can I bring?

    To comply with health and sanitation requirements, basic food preparation and cooking in student rooms is not permitted. Coffee pots and popcorn poppers may be used in your room. Refrigerators must state that they are rated at 3.5 Amps or less. All refrigerators must be checked and approved by residence staff.

    Personal or consumer-sized microwave ovens (rated under six Amps or 700 watts) are permitted in student rooms, but their use must be limited to the warming of pre-packaged, microwavable food items (This is not to be construed as an alternative to Food Services which remains the sole source of basic meals for students residing on campus).

    Toaster ovens, convection ovens or heating elements are not allowed. Small kitchens are provided in each residence to enable students to prepare special meals or to do baking.

  • What size fridge will fit in my room?
    The measurement under the desk (the best place your fridge will fit) is 69.5 cm or 27.5 inches.
  • What are my residence fees and when are they due?
    Residence fee information is available on the Residence Life Fees page.
  • When I'm filling out my residence application, it shows the wrong faculty.
    That's okay. The information is populated by Bear Tracks and may take time to be updated. It will not affect your residence application in any way.
  • Can I arrive earlier than August 26?

    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate early arrivals. However Tourism Camrose, maintains a list of of possible accommodations in Camrose: http://tourismcamrose.com/business-categories/accomodations/

  • What do I do if I'm arriving later?
    Please view our Move-In page for information.
  • Can I opt-out of the meal plan?
    The meal plan is mandatory for all students living in residence. Our residences are not equipped for students to prepare their own meals.
  • Not in Residence

    The residence environment is specifically designed to promote the development of the whole person, so you'll be able to concentrate on a number of different areas (like academics, a social life, meet new people, experience new cultures, play some sports, and have a place to hang out) within a couple blocks of where you sleep!

    Through the programs we offer, student engagement, community involvement and the people that make up our community we hope that once you're here you'll never want to leave!
    In order to ensure that you get the most out of your university experience, we guarantee housing for all full-time first year students entering Augustana! Because of this guarantee, we require our full-time students to live on campus for at least their first year.

    Part-time students, married students, those who are 21 years old or older at the time of registration for the academic year, students with family living in Camrose and students with medical needs that cannot be met by Augustana are exempted from this requirement.

    To request an exemption from the Augustana residency requirement, please print off and complete a residence exemption form. The form can then be sent to Augustana's Prospective Student Office by fax at 780.679.1129 or email to augustana@ualberta.ca

  • What do I do if I applied to the wrong residence?
    If you submitted a residence application to Edmonton Campus residences, but will be studying at Augustana Campus, you will need to contact housing@ualberta.ca and request to have your 2018-2019 First-year Undergraduate residence application cancelled AND deleted so that you can apply for Augustana Campus Residences. Once it has been cancelled and deleted, then you will be able to apply for Augustana.
  • When will I get my Room Offer?
    Room offers are not sent until students have paid their $500 tuition deposit and fully registered in courses. If you think that you have done both of those things, please follow up with your Admissions Advisor to see if anything is missing. You can e-mail them at: augustana@ualberta.ca.
  • How can I pay my $300 Room Offer Acceptance Fee without setting up post-dated credit card payments?
    When completing your online confirmation, on the final step, you will be asked to make your $300 Room Offer Acceptance Fee payment. If you only want to pay the $300 and not set up the post-dated payments, choose option 4 - "In-Person and Mail-In Options". That will allow you to submit your completed confirmation. Then you can go to "Pay Rent and Fees Online" on the left hand side of the screen and make a payment for $300 with your credit card. Alternatively, you can pay at our office, or mail in a cheque or money order.
  • I've already completed my Room Offer; now I'm ready to pay my $300 room offer acceptance fee; how do I do that?

    You will need to log in to the residence system at:


    Choose "Pay Rent and Fees Online" on the left hand side of the screen and make a payment for $300 with your credit card. Alternatively, you can come and pay at my office, or mail in a cheque or money order.

  • I have submitted my residence confirmation and have also paid the Room Offer Acceptance Fee. However I have not been assigned a room as of yet. When will I be assigned a room?
    The fact that you've received a room offer means that you were assigned a room. You will be given your room number when you arrive on campus.
  • I won't be here for the 3 week term; do I still have to pay for my rent and meal plan for that period of time?

    Returning students who are not on campus during the Fall Semester 3 week term may apply for a pro-ration on their meal plan only.

    • The deadline to apply for the pro-ration is August 1. Contact us at augres@ualberta.ca to advise us of your arrival date.
    • Pro-rations are only available up to the first day of the 11 week term. All meal plans will begin billing by that date, or earlier if you arrive earlier.
    • Once you begin taking meals in the dining hall, your pro-ration will end.
    • Pro-rations are not available for your residence room. We are holding your room during that period and you are welcome to drop off belongings during the three week period Remember if you start taking meals then your billing for the meal plan will begin.

  • Can I bring my own furniture?
    Your room will have in it a twin bed, closet or wardrobe space, study table & chair, study lamp, and shelves. You will need to bring your own bedding, toiletries and any other personal items you wish to bring. Our recommendation is you wait until you move in, check with your roommate and then decide how you want to set up your room. This can be a great opportunity to do something with your roommate.
  • Can I bring my own bed?
    Your room comes with a twin bed. While you may want to bring your own bed, waterbeds are prohibited. Augustana does not have space to store beds that are removed from rooms, therefore, any resident who moves the Augustana bed out of their room runs the risk of that bed being damaged or stolen - a cost passed on to the resident.
  • I never received my security deposit refund.
    Please check your credit card statement. If you applied with a credit card, your security deposit may have been refunded back to the credit card you used when you applied.
  • Can I smoke, consume, or produce cannabis marijuana products on campus?
    No. Augustana will engage the community in a Substance Use Consultation. The interim policy on the use of cannabis and cannabis related products will follow the current alcohol policy (no use on campus).
  • Can I use e-cigarettes or vape tobacco in residence?
    No, use of e-cigarettes or vaping devices are prohibited in all University-owned buildings and vehicles.