Student Residence

Living Learning Community House

The Living Learning Community House is located on the East side of the Soccer Field 4514 47 Street. This is a unique opportunity where any group of 5-7 students entering their second year of academic studies or higher can apply to live in a house with a proposed learning objective. Proposed learning objectives must have all members of the house involved and could include, but are not limited to: learning a second language together, living sustainably, creating a wellness initiative, volunteering with an organization together in Camrose, etc.

Students living in this community will have the support of a faculty or staff member they have approached to be their ‘Advisor’ for their learning project as well as the supervision and guidance of the Student Engagement Coordinator, as there will be no Resident Assistant. Credit and/or awards may be possible for all students living in this community depending on the nature of their project and what types of deliverables they have created by the completion of their project. Credit options would qualify under a Global Development Studies (GDS) or an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Community Service Learning Course.

Within the living learning community students will also have the freedom to create their own 'house rules' around topics such as visitors, food, cleaning, use of common spaces, and alcohol with the final approval of the Executive Director of Student Life. In your application you will provide some ideas as to what your ‘house rules’ may include. These ‘house rules’ will be refined within the first few weeks of living together.

House amenities:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Kitchen furnished with major appliances (Range/Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave)
  • 5 bedrooms (3 single occupancy rooms + 2 single or double occupancy rooms. See associated fees.)
  • Fully furnished house, including beds
  • 2 Washrooms (one upstairs, one downstairs)
  • One designated common lounging space
  • One designated study space with white board and study tools
  • Back Deck and Yard

Other perks:

  • Possibility of an 8 or 12 month contact (all house members must comply).  See associated fees.
  • Very close to campus
  • You pick who you live with
  • Option to buy into a cafeteria full meal plan or lunch only cafeteria meal plan (not mandatory)
  • Potential to receive academic credit depending on project and advisor


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The LLCH upstairs bathroom One of the bedrooms in the LLCH The LLCH kitchen The upstairs common space in the LLCH


The deadline for 2017/18 has passed. Please consider applying for the 2018/19 year.