"It's incredible to live in a community that encourages both personal growth and interdependence. Every day my housemates and I discover new things about ourselves by interacting with one another. Community living provides opportunities for individual growth in a safe, dynamic, and fun environment with friends who support and challenge me. Nothing is better than knowing I live in a space where I am not only accepted, but encouraged to be myself, try new things and make mistakes. Endless support and personal growth are just a few of the benefits of the Living Learning Community House!"

"I would 100% recommend that every student lives in a Living Learning Community House at some point in their studies! The community based on trust and mutual respect that forms throughout the year is wonderful and life changing! What's more the LLC House provides the best of both worlds when it comes to residence. You have the freedom and independence of a furnished house, including a functional kitchen, a designated study room and a huge backyard with a deck. Not only this but you also have the convenience of being minutes away from campus, and having the university shovel your walkways, and take care of all maintenance on the house. You have all the freedoms of living in your own house with only half the responsibilities! "

current LLC resident