Winter 2021 Residence FAQ


Do I need to re-apply for residence?
No. If you have an active residence application and wish to live on campus in the Winter Term, you do not need to re-apply.  Please contact if you have not yet received a Room Offer.
If I am a first-year student, do I have to live on campus this Winter?
We have waived the residence requirement for students for the 2020-21 academic year, so you may choose to remain at home if you wish. Please inform your Admissions Advisor of this decision by emailing
Can I cancel my residence application if I decide to stay at home?
Yes. Email us at to cancel your application. Please note that the $25 application fee is non-refundable.
Can I defer my residence application to Fall 2021?
Yes. Students who complete their confirmation package and pay the $500 residence deposit but are not able to live on campus in the Fall Term can request to have their residence deposit deferred to the Fall 2021 term. To defer your application, please email us at Deferral to Fall 2021 is subject to space availability and the current health measures in place at the time.
How do I decide if I should live on campus or stay home?
This is a question for you yourself to answer, but we encourage you to consider the following factors:
  • Do you have any in-person classes?
  • Do you have access to reliable broadband internet?
For more information, check out our page on Life in Residence page.

For International Students

Can I still come to Canada to live and study?
Yes, but there are some considerations and processes to be aware of. Visit the University of Alberta's International Student Services COVID-19 Updates for more information.

Room Assignments

Can I pick my canmate (students who share a washroom)?
Yes. If new students wish to indicate a canmate preference, please email us at
Can I have a roommate?

Unfortunately, we can only offer single rooms for Winter 2021.

When will I get my room offer?

Room Offers have been sent. If you have not received yours, contact us at right away.

Living on Campus in Winter 2021

Where will students live?
Students will only be living in the Ravine Complex for the Winter of 2021 as we can offer individual washroom facilities for students in this area to promote health safety measures. Our Hoyme complex will not be open for residents for the 2020-21 academic year.
How will the Dining Hall operate?
Due to the changing nature of COVID-19, our food delivery process will change as necessary. We will still be offering delicious, fresh, and healthy meals to our students whether through meals served in the Dining Hall, pick-up style meals, or a combination of the two.
What kind of experience will be offered to residence students in the Winter?
Our staff are working hard to create unique experiences for students who will live in residence this Winter. Whether it is connecting with each other one on one (with physical distancing in place), community engagement projects, small group campus recreation activities or participating in virtual community events, there will still be opportunities to engage if you choose to live on campus.
What will move-in look like?
Move-in times will be individually pre-arranged with students so that we can maintain proper distancing. You may bring up to two people with you to help you move.
Do I need to self-isolate?
Anyone who has been outside Canada, regardless of whether they are domestic or international students, must isolate for 14 days. We are offering the opportunity to self-isolate on campus beginning January 4th, 2021. For additional information, please email us at
Will I be charged for a double room or a single room?
Because of the health restrictions, our rooms will only be offered as single rooms for Winter 2021 and students will be charged the single room rate.