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Career Advising

Using an action-based model of career management, a career advisor can help you understand how transitions and unplanned events impact your career, suggest methods to discover and test your career options, and help you make sense of career information so you can formulate career decisions.

If you are searching for work, a career advisor can help you identify and overcome obstacles, learn new work search strategies, and sharpen your existing work search skills.

Although we cannot tell you the specific career or occupation that's best for you, we can suggest actions and resources that will move you towards your preferred future.

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If you would like more extensive support and guidance with your career-related questions, you may be interested in career coaching. Coaches are available for individual appointments over the via phone, web conferencing or in person on North campus.

LinkedIn Profile Critique

An advisor provides feedback on your LinkedIn profile, suggest ways you can improve it, and show you features and tools of LinkedIn that can improve your career research and work search.

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Mock Interview

We will develop and simulate a targeted interview, then provide you with valuable feedback on how to improve your interview skills. Your mock interview can be recorded and the recording can be shared with you at the end of the appointment.

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Resume, Cover Letter and Application form critiques

An advisor will provide advice on how to make your existing resumé, CV, cover letter, or application more effective, focusing on content, wording, format, and presentation.
We also offer critiques of personal statements for graduate school applications and autobiographical statements for school board applications.

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Career Centre

Students can also book virtual appointments, free of charge, with the Career Centre at North Campus.