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Augustana Works Career Mixer

Meet Augustana alumni and community leaders at this networking event. Students will receive coaching to improve their networking skills before practicing through a facilitated networking activity. This event is open to all Augustana students. The Career Mixer is free to attend, but registration is required. Participants will:

  • Practice networking
  • Make connections with professionals from various fields
  • Become aware of potential career options

Date: February 9th, 2023

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Job Shadow Program

This program is currently suspended to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. As an alternative, Career Exploration Interviews (CEI) will offer virtual career exploration opportunities. To be kept informed of when the job shadow program returns, please fill out this form.  

Career Exploration Interviews

  • All CEIs will take place virtually via telephone or online platform.
  • The exact date and time of the CEI is based on the host's availability and preferences.

For full details, visit the Career Centre website.

Watch a video about the experience of a sociology student who shadowed a communications professional at Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Read about students' Job Shadow experiences.

Job Fair

Summer Job Fair

Summer work experience can help you test potential careers, develop transferable skills, apply your classroom knowledge, make connections, and earn some money!

Date:  February 2023 (date to be confirmed.)

Upcoming Career Fairs and Exhibitors


One way to explore your career options is to speak to professionals in fields that interest you. We encourage current Augustana Campus students to connect with our alumni through "Ask an Augustana Alumni Anything." Students have the opportunity to ask questions or seek advice from alumni who share their career stories and experiences in a wide range of industries. These Q&As are sent directly to current students' emails and are hosted on Facebook and Instagram throughout the year.

Multiple Mini Interviews

Many programs, particularly those in health-related fields, use Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for admission into their programs. MMIs are thought to better handle the biases of interviewers, more accurately predict academic performance, and assess non-cognitive skills like interpersonal skills, professionalism, critical thinking and ethical decision making. Candidates rotate through a circuit of stations where they are asked a question or posed a scenario. Interviewees are given a short time to prepare before delivering their response. Interviewers remain at the same station assessing the same question or scenario.

Our MMI Days

We simulate the MMI environment as closely as possible and tailor the questions and scenarios based on the field. You will have the choice of 3 different time slots throughout the day.

After participating in an MMI Day, you will receive both verbal and written feedback to help improve your interview performance.

How to register

Visit for details and upcoming dates. 


$75/students and recent graduates (within the last eight months)

Career Centre Programs, Events, and Services

Our programs, events, and services help students explore career options and develop career management skills. We serve all University of Alberta students and alumni.

See what is offered, and check out the Career Centre events calendar.

Employer Information Sessions

Employer Information Sessions are an excellent way to network with employers and learn about career and employment opportunities in your areas of interest and with your employers of choice. 

Employer information sessions may be scheduled in person, or online.

Dates and registration information.