Dining Regulations

Students in residence are required to bring their own ONEcard and tap it to  enter into the Dining Hall.

The Augustana Dining Hall offers a comprehensive menu of fresh, delicious and nutritious unlimited meal options for our Students in Residence. This includes:

  • A wide selection of beverages including Fruit Juice, Flavoured Water, Milks and Fair Trade Coffee & Teas.
  • Regularly scheduled special events such as Local Lunches, Wing Night, Thanksgiving and International Theme Dinners.

For customer safety we are following these steps:

  • Our Food Service department remains committed to accommodating a wide variety of allergens and dietary considerations at every meal, including vegetarian, vegan, halal and meals made without gluten. Students with dietary considerations may request a meeting with Food Services staff to discuss their menu options by emailing augfood@ualberta.ca.
  • No guests or meals for purchase will be permitted to enter the dining hall at this time.
  • Students are asked to bus their own dishes and respect the rights of others using the Dining Hall.
  • Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands upon entry.
  • Face Masks will be required in the Dining Hall upon entry, while you wait in line, as well as when you are circulating in the dining hall. Once you are seated at your table, you may remove your face covering.  Any time you leave your table to circulate in the dining hall you must replace your face covering.
  • Everyone must follow the directional signs and floor decals indicating how to circulate through the dining hall.
  • Physical distancing is to be observed while in the dining hall.
  • The dining hall is set up for seating of 64 which complies with physical distancing guidelines. Students are asked not to move any chairs or change any of the set up in the dining hall.
  • Please sneeze or cough into your arm in order to protect everyone. Food Services staff are cleaning and sanitizing down high food-contact surfaces in our campus eatery.
  • No dishes, cups or cutlery may be removed from the Dining Hall.
  • No food shall be taken from the dining hall with the exception of evening snack, sick trays, Augustana To-Go trays, bagged lunches and/or one fresh fruit only.
  • Students who are barefoot, dressed in swim clothes, without shirts, in pajamas and/or housecoats, or whose dress is judged to be inappropriate or objectionable for the Dining Hall environment will not be admitted to the Dining Hall.