Updates on AASUA and NASA collective bargaining

16 March 2021


The university has invited AASUA to begin the process of negotiating an essential services agreement. As a next step, the university will provide AASUA with an essential services proposal, and then schedule dates to negotiate. 

Collective bargaining will continue concurrently through March. Bargaining dates beyond March have yet to be scheduled.

Learn more about essential services agreements in a new Frequently Asked Questions section of this website » 


The support staff collective agreement between the university and the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) expired on March 31, 2019. After a period of mutually agreed delay, the university and NASA plan to open collective bargaining negotiations again soon, with dates still to be set.

The university has retained Geoff Tierney, an experienced labour negotiator, as the lead negotiator of the U of A bargaining committee with NASA. Mr. Tierney is also leading the university’s current bargaining committee with AASUA. The university’s committee negotiates on behalf of the U of A’s Board of Governors and also includes:

  • Stacey Brennan, Senior Officer Human Resources & Administration, Faculty of Arts
  • Martin Coutts, Associate Vice-President, Finance, Procurement & Planning
  • Laurel Roblin, Utility Services Manager - Mechanical Utilities
  • Julie Stephens, Assistant Director, Research Relationships
  • Jeremy Wilhelm, Senior Officer, Employee and Labour Relations

The university will provide information on NASA collective bargaining as it becomes available. Updates will be posted on this website and noted in the weekly FYI information digest distributions to all U of A employees on Wednesday mornings.