Biochemistry graduate students may be eligible for a variety of scholarships. Please be advised this is not a comprehensive list of eligible awards and students are ultimately responsible for seeking out current award opportunities. Students are encouraged to apply for all awards for which they are eligible. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Program Advisor.

Stephen Campbell Memorial Award
Awarded to first and second year graduate students with exceptional teaching skills

  • Award Recipients
    First Year Graduate Student Second Year Graduate Student
    2019 Bridgette Hartley Tautvydas Paskevicious
    2018 Rabih Abou Farraj Laine Lysyk
    2017 Vineet Rathod Robyn Millott
    2016 Zelei Yang Hyeong Jin Kim
    2015 Furkat Mukhtarov Ayat Omar
    2014 Cameron Smithers Esteban Flores

Graduate Leaders in Biochemistry
Awarded for the best research article published (print or epub) in the previous calendar year by a first author graduate student

  • Award Recipients
    2018 David Kramer
    2017 Fangze Cai
    2016 Curtis Hodge
    2015 Sampath Loganathan
    2014 Amira Fitieh
    2013 Craig Markin
    2012 Daniel Prins
    2011 Craig Markin
    2010 Magnus Friis
    2009 Dustin Ritchie
    2008 Sam Szeto
    2007 Matthew Schellenberg
Lionel B Pett
Academic excellence award given to a new student entering a full time graduate degree program in Biochemistry
  • Award Recipients
    2019 Jeffrey McDonald and Ning Dai
    2018 George Han and Paige Grant
    2017 Sayed Madi and Tautvydas Paskevicius
    2016 Steffane McLennan & Suad Rashid
    2014 Qiang Wang
    2013 Ayat Omar
    2012 Sheng Yi Wu
    2011 Mohamed Eldeeb
    2010 MiYao Hu & Yun Peng
    2009 Justin Fedor & Angela Fung
    2008 Alison Craik & Jeff Odenback
    2007 Huipo Tang
    2006 Karen Freedman & Rory Shott
    2005 Allison Kraus, Charles Leung & Ian Robertson
    2004 Laura Minard
    2003 Mireille St. Vincent
    2002 Sue Ann Mok
    2001 Vitali Petrounevitch
Madsen Thesis Book Prize
Awarded to a graduate student in Biochemistry submitting the best PhD thesis at the Spring or Fall convocation of a given year
  • Award Recipients
    2018 David Kramer
    2017 Rebecca Gibeault
    2016 Justin Fedor
    2015 Sandra Pineda Sanabria
    2014 Angela Fung
    2013 Craig Markin
    2012 Delaine Ceholski & Stephen Campbell
    2011 Olivier Julien
    2010 Dustin Ritchie
    2009 Olga Baryshnikova & Ryan Hoffman
    2008 Ting Wai Lee
    2007 Eric Saude
    2006 Jason Lamoureux
    2005 Oliver Kent
    2004 Robert Scott Williams & Sean McKenna
    2003 Brian Mark
    2002 Helen Everett
    2001 Jeffrey Heibein
    2000 Nina Khazanovich Bernstein & Brian Trippet
    1999 John Dawson & Amir Khan
    1998 Jean-Christopher Rochet
CM Kay Book Prize
Awarded to the student with the top score in BIOCH 565
  • Award Recipients
    2011 Sandra Pineda
    2008 Pascale Swanson & Przemyslaw Gorski
    2006 John Paul Glaves
    2004 Ryan Hoffman
    2002 Ting-Wai Lee
    2000 Frank Visser
    1998 Michal Kaisiak
    1996 Amir R Khan
Smillie Book Prize
Awarded to the student with the top score in BIOCH 520
  • Award Recipients
    2007 Jeremy Wideman
    2005 Michael Shopik & Tao Wu
    2003 Kimberley Colvin
    2001 Eric Saude & Leslie Grad
    1999 Frank Visser
    1997 Stanley Kwok