Our department aims to develop critical and creative scholars who can effectively communicate with their scientific peers and the broader community, and who are capable of teaching at both an undergraduate and graduate level.
Graduate students are expected to perform research activities as well as supervise and mentor undergraduate students in the labt. Candidates are selected based on their academic qualifications, relevant training and experience for the teaching or research assignments.

Graduate Research Assistantship Fellowships (GRAF)

Graduate Research Assistantship Fellowships (GRAF) may be available to assist thesis-based MSc and PhD students in the completion of their graduate program. The GRAF may not cover the full cost of living and tuition fees. GRAF financial support will be drawn from the supervisor’s research funds only or a combination of research funding, departmental support and student scholarship(s).

Graduate Student Teaching Awards (GTA)

The Biochemistry Graduate Program aims to provide a broad educational experience, which includes preparing students for roles as teachers/mentors. The department of Biochemistry offers honours and specialization undergraduate programs and graduate students are provided with the opportunity to teach and mentor undergraduate students in our biochemistry undergraduate teaching lab. Teaching in the undergraduate laboratory is considered to be a part of the graduate program in Biochemistry and some Graduate Teaching Award (GTA) funding may be available to reward those efforts.


Biochemistry graduate students may be eligible for a variety of scholarships. Please be advised this is not a comprehensive list of eligible awards and students are ultimately responsible for seeking out current award opportunities. Students are encouraged to apply for all awards for which they are eligible. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Program Advisor.


Stephen Campbell Memorial Award

Awarded to first and second year graduate students with exceptional teaching skills

Graduate Leaders in Biochemistry

Awarded for the best research article published (print or epub) in the previous calendar year by a first author graduate student

Graduate Scholarship in Biochemistry
Academic excellence award given to a new student entering a full time graduate degree program in Biochemistry
Madsen Thesis Book Prize
Awarded to a graduate student in Biochemistry submitting the best PhD thesis at the Spring or Fall convocation of a given year
CM Kay Book Prize
Awarded to the student with the top score in BIOCH 565
Smillie Book Prize
Awarded to the student with the top score in BIOCH 520