Two Biochemistry undergraduate students win FoMD summer student research day poster awards

29 October 2021

Congratulations to poster award recipients:

Justin Kim

Thioflavin T Microplate Surface Crosslinking: Development of a Novel Technique to Isolate Protein Aggregate Species in Alzheimer's Disease
Supervisor Dr. Sue-Ann Mok
(Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) stipend)


Jacqueline Yang

Genetic Modification of Hormoconis Resinae as a Proof of Concept
Supervisor: Dr. David Stuart
(Brian Sykes Undergraduate Research Studentship)


Other notable recipient:

Steffane McLennan, MD Student & Biochemistry MSc graduate (2018)

Deferoxamine as a Tool to Improve Islet Engraftment in an Immunosuppression-Free Subcutaneous Transplant Model
Supervisor: Dr. A.M. James Shapiro (Surgery)
Steffane, and two other MD Student recipients, will represent the U of A at the annual student research competition in Galveston Texas.

Annual Summer Students’ Research Day