Research Staff


Research Associates

Tamara Arnold (Holmes)  
Elena Arutyunova (Lemieux)
Structural and functional studies of intramembrane proteases
Pravas Kumar Baral (James) Structural and biophysical studies on prion-antibody complexes: towards the development of anti-prion therapeutics for prion diseases
Ross Edwards (Glover)
Structural Biology
Jody Groenendyk (Michalak)
The role of Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) and ER Stress in the regulation of human disease conditions
Joanna Jung (Michalak)
Role of endoplasmic reticulum chaperones in disease
Jitendra Kumar (Overduin)  
Xiu Ju Li (Fliegel)
Functional analysis of mammalian Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 1
Jun Lu (Glover)


Xiaoyun Tang (Brindley)
The role of lipid signaling in tumor progression
Catharine Trieber (Overduin)
Jelske van der Veen (Vance)
The role of phospholipids in insulin resistance and obesity
Jiang Yin (James)
3-Dimensional Structure and Function of Key Enzymes in Pathogenic Viruses and Bacteria;
Structure-Assisted Drug Discovery

Postdoctoral Fellows

Debajyoti Dutta (Fliegel)

Jose Flores Fernandez (Wille)
John Githaka (Goping)  
Peter Holmes (Sykes)

Muhammad Bashir Khan (Young)
Anagha Krishnan (Stuart)  
Alka Kumari (Casey)
Brian Lee (Spyracopoulos)
Bonnie McNeil (Stuart)
Rashmi Panigrahi (Glover)
Tooba Shamsi (James)