Research funding provides financial support in the form of operating research grants, equipment grants, summer studentships, graduate studentships, post doctoral fellowships, scholarships and establishment grants for new investigators.

Our primary funding sources include:

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

The National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

The National Cancer Institute


Members of the department receive support from:


Alberta Innovates


The Alberta Prion Research Institute


Burroughs Wellcome Fund


Canadian Cancer Society


Canadian Diabetes Association


Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Canada Foundation for Innovation


National Institutes of Health, USA



For the period 2010-11, the department received funding in excess of $12 million, from national and international peer-reviewed funding programs.

Interdisciplinary approaches to science are fast becoming a key aspect of our research endeavour. The department is a key member of the new School of Translational Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Working alongside other departments such as Medicine and Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, Biochemistry drives molecular approaches to solving key research problems in translating biomedical advances from the bench to the worldwide medical community and eventually to the public at large.
The department has developed state of the art proteomics/genomics facilities through the Alberta Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility in the adjacent Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research. Additionally, the department provides a fully stocked and comprehensive "Biochemistry Stores." This chemical and reagent facility provides many operating reagents to clients throughout the university biomedical community.

A key objective of the next few years will be to advance and improve our core facilities, allowing our faculty to continue to "punch above our weight" and further develop strong research synergy.