Preliminary List of Ants (Formicidae) of Alberta
James Glasier, MSc. Candidate
Conservation Biology
Department of Renewable Resources
Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1

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* indicates ant species that have been reported in Alberta by other publications, but have not been encountered by the author.

◊ indicates ant species that would be predicted to be in Alberta, but have not been encountered by the author. Subfamily Dolichoderinae Genus Dolichoderus Dolichoderus taschenbergi (Mayr) Genus Tapinoma Tapinoma sessile (Say) Subfamily Formicinae Genus Camponotus Camponotus herculeanus (Linnaeus) Camponotus laevigatus (Smith) * Camponotus modoc Wheeler Camponotus nearcticus Emery Camponotus novaeboracensis (Fitch) Camponotus vicinus Mayr * Genus Formica Formica accreta Francoeur Formica adamsi whymperi Wheeler Formica aserva Forel Formica argentea Wheeler Formica bradleyi Wheeler Formica canadensis Santschi Formica dakotensis Emery Formica densiventris Viereck Formica emeryi Krausse ◊ Formica fossaceps Buren Formica fusca Linnaeus ◊ Formica glacialis Wheeler Formica hewitti Wheeler Formica impexa Wheeler Formica integroides Wheeler Formica lasioides Emery Formica limata Wheeler Formica microgyna Wheeler Formica montana Wheeler Formica neoclara Emery Formica neogagates Emery Formica neorufibarbis Emery Formica obscuripes Forel Formica obscuriventris Mayr Formica obtusopilosa Emery Formica opaciventris Emery Formica oreas comptula Wheeler Formica perpilosa Wheeler Formica planipilis Creighton Formica podzolica Francoeur Formica puberula Emery Formica ravida Creighton Formica rubicunda Emery Formica subintegra Wheeler Formica subpolita Mayr Formica ulkei Emery Genus Lasius Lasius alienus (Fvrster) Lasius coloradensis Wheeler Lasius crypticus Wilson Lasius fallax (Fabricius) Lasius flavus (Fabricius) Lasius latipes (Linnaeus) Lasius neoniger Emery Lasius niger (Linnaeus) Lasius pallitarsis (Procancher) Lasius subglaber (Emery) Lasius subumbratus Viereck Lasius umbratus (Nylander) Genus Polygerus Polygerus breviceps Emery Subfamily Myrmecinae Genus Solenopsis Solenopsis molesta (Say) Genus Formicoxenus Formicoxenus hirticornis (Emery) Formicoxenus quebecensis Francoeur Formicoxenus provancheri (Emery) Genus Leptothorax Leptothorax athabasca Buschinger & Schulz Leptothorax faberi Buschinger * Leptothorax muscorum (Nylander) Leptothorax pocahontas (Buschinger) * Leptothorax retractus Francoeur) Leptothorax wilsoni Heinze Genus Manica Manica hunteri (Wheeler) Manica invidia Bolton * Genus Monomorium Monomorium minimum (Buckley) Monomorium pharaonis (Linnaeus) Genus Myrmica Myrmica ab001, near americana Myrmica ab002, near crassirugis Myrmica alaskensis Wheeler Myrmica americana Weber Myrmica brevispinosa Wheeler Myrmica crassirugis Francoeur * Myrmica detritinodis Emery Myrmica fracticornis Forel Myrmica incompleta Provancher Myrmica latifrons Storcke Myrmica lobifrons Pergande Myrmica nearctica Weber Genus Pogonomyrmex Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (Cresson) Pogonomyrmex salinus Olsen Genus Temnothorax Temnothorax ambiguus (Emery) Temnothorax fragosus (Mackay and Buschinger) Temnothorax rugatulus Emery web page updated January 28, 2011