2017 Strickland Memorial Lecture

At the University of Alberta, Edmonton, on Friday, March 24th, 2017.
Refreshments at 3:30 pm, Strickland Lecture at 4:00-5:00 pm in room 3-27 in the Earth Sciences Building.

The lecture will be given by:
Dr. Scott Sakaluk
Department of Biological Sciences
Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois
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Title: Food fight: Sexual conflict and the evolution of nuptial food gifts.

Abstract: Sexual conflict occurs whenever the reproductive strategy pursued by one sex poses a selective disadvantage to the other. In crickets, the evolutionary interests of the sexes often collide over the paternity of offspring: because the ejaculate of a male typically remains outside the female's body after mating in the form of an externally attached spermatophore, female are well positioned to determine the fate of their mates' gametes through their selective removal of males' spermatophores. Because it is in the interests of males to have all of their sperm utilized in fertilizations, female spermatophore removal is often at odds with the reproductive interests of their sexual partners. Nuptial food gifts, an integral feature of the mating systems of a wide variety of insects, may be a frequent conduit by which males attempt to influence the mating behavior of females against females' own reproductive interests. Recent work in my laboratory suggests that the food gifts offered by male decorated crickets contain substances that are designed specifically to appeal to females' tastes, but which also contained receptivity-inhibiting compounds. These results support a recent suggestion that food 'gifts' are in fact 'Medea' gifts, male refractory-inducing substances disguised as nutritional offerings.

Annual Strickland Dinner 2017:

Friday March 24th, following the Strickland Lecture.
Main Dining Room, The University Faculty Club, Saskatchewan Drive.
Cocktails (No-Host Bar) at 6:00 pm, supper to follow at 7:00 pm.

Dinner options:
1. Vegetarian: Pasta Primavera w/ vegetable samosa
2. Half Breast of Chicken Catherine w/ Large Tiger Shrimp (4) Kebab
3. Prime Rib of Beef (medium only)

Served with:
Greek Salad
Dessert: Deep Caramel Pecan Flan
One glass of house white or red wine

Prices: $45.00 for faculty, $40.00 for students.


Reservations may be made through Dr. Felix Sperling
email: (felix.sperling@ualberta.ca) phone: 780-492-3991

Reservations (including choice(s) of main course
should be made via email to hold places, but please
mail your cheques made out to University of Alberta,
deadline is March 21st, 2017.
Felix Sperling
Department of Biological Sciences
CW-405 Biological Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9

or cash delivered to Felix at:
CW-460 in Biological Sciences Building.