Biological Sciences

Equipment and Materials


  1. Laser Cutting Machine – Create custom parts and intricate designs from a variety of materials that are too intricate to cut by hand. This machine can cut sharp angles, smooth curves, small screw holes and complex lace designs. It was also engrave text, logos and photos on your project. Note: the laser cutting machine is incompatible with PVC plastic or metal.


  2. Metal work – Welder, brazing torches, 4ft brake, box bender, cut off saws, lathe and milling machine.

  3. Wood / Plastic tools – Chop saw, panel saw, table saw, planers, jointers, band saw, drills, sanders and other hand tools. 


  1. Specialty Materials – Our industry connections with a wide range of local and global suppliers allow us to procure standard and specialty materials on your behalf at a competitive rate. 
  2. Standard Materials – Wood, metals, plastics (acrylic, PP, Pe), carbon fibre, casting plastics or rubbers and gaskets.

    Note: the shop is not equipped to handle electrical devices.