We can accommodate both large and small projects, ranging from DNA gel box construction to repairing a cougar trap. In addition, we are able to collaborate inter-departmentally to assist with your project. A full time technician is on hand to assist you with your project needs. 

Sample Projects
  1. Displays
    1. Case Study: Styracosaurus skull display (2009)

      This display was created to house a fiberglass skull of the Styracosaurus. One of the challenges was having the skull accessible to researchers when not on display. The solution was to construct a removable side panel that allows the skull to be removed for use by researchers as required.  

      Displays can be created in a range of sizes for housing a variety of specimens, and descriptive inserts and signage can also be designed to accompany the display.

      display created to house a fiberglass skull of the Styracosaurus   styracosaurus   primateArmadillo
  2. Modified Equipment

    1. Case study: Microscope viewing station (2008)

      The limitation with this viewing station was a lack of secure storage space for wiring and technical hardware. The solution was to fabricate a locked storage drawer beneath the table top. Since this modification was developed, these viewing stations have become standard throughout the Biological Sciences Department.

      Viewing Station   Viewing Station

  3. Custom Experimentation Equipment

    1. Hag fish experimentation (2015, ongoing)

      Graduate Student research (Supervisor: Dr. Greg Goss[PD1] )
      Custom fabricated chambers and containers

      Hag fish experimentation    Hag fish experimentation

    2. Aquaponics Structure (2013)

      Dr. Andrew Keddie[PD2]

      Custom fabricated tanks and cart (allowing the unit to be mobile and easily cleaned)

      Custom fabricated tanks and cart    Custom fabricated tanks and cart

  4. Interdepartmental Collaboration

    1. Arial ultraviolet camera for honey bee research (2014)

      This Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) was assembled and customized by the Fabrication Shop. It was a collaboration with the Department of Renewable Resources, creating a structure to house an ultraviolet camera for honey bee research[PD3] .

      Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV)    Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV)

      We have collaborated on projects across campus, including with the Faculty of Medicine and the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Renewable Resources.

      The fabrication shop provides a solution for those with research equipment and display requirements, while remaining cost effective, and saving time compared to working with multiple different trades or suppliers.