Equipment Inventory

The Storeroom maintains a database with detailed information for over 24,000 pieces of equipment purchased by the Department of Biological Sciences. Equipment inventory is in the midst of several changes so I will only provide brief guidelines below:

A. Tagging of New Equipment Purchases

Equipment Services, SMS, are responsible for tagging new equipment. If you purchase equipment that is valued at $2,000 or more, someone from Equipment Services will be in touch with you to put an inventory tag on the equipment. If you have equipment that is valued at less than and you still want it tagged, please contact Storeroom staff.

B. Taking equipment off-campus

Please come to the Storeroom to have an Off-Campus Equipment Form completed if you are taking any equipment off campus. If you are taking equipment out of the country, an Off-Campus Equipment form must be completed regardless of the length of time. A copy of the approved form needs to be with the person responsible for the equipment when crossing the boarder.

C. Equipment Disposal/Surplus

Please contact Tony Cornish ( to make arrangements to have your equipment sent to surplus. Please do not dispose any any tagged equipment yourself.

D. License and Registration

For the initial license and registration of all new modes of transportation and trailers requiring a license plate, please contact the Vehicle Pool.

E. Retire/Resign

When an employee retires/resigns from the University, all equipment off campus must be returned to the department for use or disposal. An employee may only purchase their PEA equipment at current market value first assessed by SMS.

F. Lost Or Stolen

For any lost or stolen equipment, please contact someone in the Storeroom.

G. Lend Equipment To Someone Else

Contact Storeroom staff.

H. Equipment Donations

Please see a staff member in the Storeroom as donations of University equipment must have the approval of a Vice President.

Equipment Repairs

A. Fisher Scientific

You may continue to contact the Instrument Service department by:

1. Telephone at 1-800-234-7437 (Option 3) and providing all the information listed below, or

2. Email at Your email will be responded to within 2 business hours of receipt. (9:30am - 7:00pm Eastern).

In order to process your service request in a timely manner, please be sure to provide the following details. Missing information will delay processing the request:

  • Company Name and Address: (including Bldg & room number where applicable)
  • Fisher Account Number: 01322
  • Contact Name, Telephone Number and Extension or Email address if different than what is being sent
  • Equipment Details: (Make / Model / Serial#)
  • Warranty / Contract Coverage: (When equipment was purchase, PO# or service contract number)
  • Description of Problem or Service requested: (Instrument will not turn on, Need certification of instrument, etc)

B. Computer & Materials Engineering (CME) Shop, University of Alberta

They repair and maintain precision laboratory equipment, including:

  • Balances
  • Centrifuges
  • Incubators
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Autoclaves
  • Water-bath shakers
  • Other precision laboratory equipment

Please call 492-3807 or visit them at B-53 South Academic Building or visit their website at:

C. Pipetter Repair

Most brands of pipetters can be calibrated or repaired by either Mandel, Fisher Scientific, VWR or Rainin. The Storeroom has forms from these vendors; please see Storeroom staff in Z-207 Biological Sciences Bldg.

D. Other Companies

Please following the steps below when sending equipment out to other companies:

  1. Contact company
  2. Obtain RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
  3. Confirm shipping details like payment (COD, collect or prepaid) and address
  4. Complete a U of A Shipping Form
  5. Bring everything down to the Storeroom to have it shipped to the company