Furniture is defined as pieces that are portable, like: tables, desks and chairs.

Surplus Furniture

Due to the frequent movement of furniture in our department, we have a room in our building with some used surplus furniture. Please contact the Storeroom staff for all your furniture needs - a different size of table, a bigger desk, a metal bookshelf, etc. If we do not have what you want, we have access to Planning and Infrastructure's warehouse of used furniture and can place a request on your behalf. Arrangements will then be made to have the surplus furniture moved to your lab or office.

If you want to remove any furniture from your lab or office, please contact the Storeroom staff to have it removed. If you choose to move it out into the hallway yourself, please let us know so that we can make arrangements to have it removed.

New Furniture

In order to standardize the quality, look and type of furniture across the campus, the University has recently signed contracts with two vendors - one for furniture and another supplier for chairs. If you are planning on purchasing new furniture or chairs for your lab or office, please see the Storeroom staff.

Broken Furniture

Please contact someone in the Storeroom if you have furniture that needs to be repaired.

Non-Furniture Items

If you want anything that is attached to a wall like cabinets, bookshelves or a coat rack attached to your door - please contact Tony Cornish @ 2-1066.