Other Storeroom Services


Access into the Storeroom

The front counter is to be used to pick up all incoming orders. If your order is too big or cumbersome, Storeroom staff will approve access into the back after you have talked to someone at the front counter. Due to safety issues, access to the Storeroom through the back door is limited to shipping and delivery personnel ONLY. All further inquiries are to be directed to the front counter including pick-ups, shipment inquiries, special order purchases, etc. Our back door will remain locked at all times for safety and security purposes. However, a doorbell has been installed for authorized personnel.

Bulletin Boards

There is one bulletin board located on either side of the Storeroom counter. The bulletin board on the north side is used to post communications from a variety of vendors about upcoming sales, specials, etc. On the south side, there is a bulletin board specifically for Fisher Scientific; one of the University's preferred suppliers. Fisher Scientific uses it to post bulletins and pamphlets about their specials. Please note that many of the communications posted have deadline dates so visit the boards frequently.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage

All empty cylinders are to be left in the secure cylinder space on the loading dock. Please ensure that you secure your empty cylinders after placing them on the loading dock. The Storeroom has a couple cylinder moving carts available to borrow if required.

Dosimeter (Radiation) Badges

The Storeroom manages the distribution of the dosimeter (radiation) badges. Replacement badges are sent out quarterly requesting return of old badges as soon as possible. If you have any additional staff or students that require a new badge, please contact Ben McDonald in the Storeroom.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is available in the Storeroom by coming to the front counter with your container. However, if you have demand for a large amount of ice, please let the Storeroom staff know two days in advance so that we can place an order for extra dry ice. This will ensure that others will not be left without any dry ice.

Lab Coats

The Department offers a service to staff and graduate students to dry clean their lab coats. A blue bin for dirty lab coats will remain just outside the back door of the Storeroom and will be accessible between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please ensure that your name/initials and supervisor/lab is on the collar before dropping it off. Lab coat pick up/drop off is every Monday morning. Your clean lab coat can be picked up in the Storeroom during Storeroom hours one or two weeks later -- depending on when you drop your dirty lab coat off.

Liquid Nitrogen Refill Station

Liquid nitrogen is available through the Storeroom in small or large quanities; please see one of the Storeroom staff.

Pipetter Calibration Drop Off Centre

Drop off your pipetters that require calibration or are not working properly and we will send them off for repair and take care of charge-out paperwork.



Bring any small quantities of batteries and we will dispose of them. Please ensure that you have taped any 9V battery ends to decrease the possibility of a fire. If you have a large amount of batteries, please dispose of them through the Chematix System.


Bring any laser toner cartridges or inkjet cartridges and we will return them to the vendor for recycling.

Cell Phones

Bring your old cell phones and we will send them in for recycling.


Due to the large volumes and the expense of smaller quantities of reagent grade ethanol and methanol, we will continue to dispense those solvents for you. To help reduce your waiting time at the front counter, we have developed a jug "Trade - In" program - just bring your empty 4L jug of either:

  • Ethanol 100%
  • Ethanol 95%, or
  • Methanol

and we replace it with a pre-filled 4L jug. If you do not have a jug, you can buy one from us at that time.


If you have any extra disposables, please feel free to bring them down to the Storeroom and we can set up a "free" box beside the front counter.

Supplier Contacts/Sales Reps

The University has a Preferred Supplier Agreement with several vendors which provide the University with excellent pricing on their products. Following is a list of our most common preferred suppliers, our designated sales rep and contact information:

Bio-Rad - Toby Frost, toby_frost@bio-rad.com1-800-268-0213 x3391

Cedarlane - Susan Gater, susan.gater@cedarlanelabs.com, 1-800-268-5058 x215

Fisher Scientific: Jocelyn Drasdauskis, jocelyn.drasdauskis@thermofisher.com, 780-676-0045 or Danial Bishop, danial.bishop@thermofisher.com, 587-926-6123

Grand & Toy - Nazz Gennaro, nazzgennaro@grandandtoy.com, 780-930-6917

Life Technologies Inc - Suzie Gilady suzanna@thermofisher.com, 587-920-6658;

Perkin Elmer/NEN - Richard Ouellette, richard.ouellette@perkinelmer.com

Praxair - Lisa Pretty, lisa_pretty@praxair.com, 780-702-4977

Sigma Chemical - Craig Murray, Craig.Murray@sial.com, 1-800-250-4443 x1401

Following is a list of some of our other common suppliers:

Leica Microsystems - Sarah Sloan, Sarah.Sloan@leica-microsystems.com, 780-919-6695

VWR - Peter Leveille, Peter_Leveille@vwr.com, 1-877-897-6377 x191148