The Biological Sciences Storeroom's focus is to provide a service for departmental staff and students; however, we also sell stock inventory items to other departments on campus and to the public.

Our stock items include:

  • Chemicals - acids, salts, solvents
  • Lab supplies - glassware, gloves, petri dishes, plastics, syringes, tips, tubes, etc
  • Miscellaneous - batteries, cleaning supplies
  • Office supplies - binders, pens, Sharpies, tape

For a complete list of stock items, please feel free to search our inventory. Please note there are some restrictions on items available to the public.

Purchasing In-Stock Items

Biological Sciences Staff and Students

Biological Sciences staff and students will require written approval before you are able to purchase Storeroom stock items. In accordance with University policies and procedures, Financial Services developed the Delegation of Signing Authority form to allow the account holder to assign authority to their staff or students to make purchases on their behalf. Therefore, Storeroom staff are only able to provide over-the-counter service to those whom have approved signing authority. If you require another Delegation of Signing Authority form for your account(s), please feel free to come down to the Storeroom or see any of the accounting staff in the main office in CW-405.

Other Departments and Administrative Units on Campus

The Biological Sciences Storeroom is open and accessible to all staff and students across campus. We process sales by cash, credit card, debit card and Indent. If you are purchasing by Indent, we will keep your Indent on file for multiple purchases for your convenience.

Off-Campus/Public Sales

The Biological Sciences Storeroom is open and accessible to the public. We process sales by cash, credit card and debit card. We can sell most stock items to the public, but please note that we are restricted from selling certain items like restricted chemicals, liquid nitrogen and dry ice without written approval.

Non-Stock Items/Special Orders
(Biological Sciences Staff and Students ONLY)

Storeroom staff are here to place your special order, track it, receive it and take care of the paperwork on your behalf. You can place your order using a variety of ways including our on-line special order form. The Delegation of Signing authority policy is also in place for special order purchases. The Storeroom will send you an email once your special order has arrived. If your special order is perishable, we will call you or your lab.

A. Canadian Purchases Less Than $5,000

The Storeroom has an online special order form for Canadian purchases under $5000 to make it more convenient to place your special order. Access to the order form requires logging in with your CCID and password. If you are having problems accessing this order form using your CCID, please contact the front desk in CW-405 to ensure they have your correct CCID on file as access is based on information in their database.

As part of the order form, there is a 'comments' section where you can include any special instructions. Once you have 'sent' the order, you will receive an e-mail with a number that has been automatically assigned to your order. If you have a quotation, please email a copy to biostore@ualberta.ca so we are able to refer to it when placing your special order. Storeroom staff will place your special order within a couple days. If delivery on your order is not expected for more than two weeks, we will send you an e-mail to let you know. Once we receive your order, we will contact you by telephone if your order is perishable or e-mail if it is not perishable. Simply come to the Storeroom to pick-up your order.

B. Foreign Purchases More Than $1,600

All foreign purchases over $1,600 need to be processed by purchase order. Please bring your quote to the Storeroom so we can submit your purchase order request.

Please note that goods and services obtained from foreign suppliers are subject to customs and taxation legislation, particularly the Customs Act and Excise Tax Act of Canada, when brought into Canada. This applies to all goods and services acquired then shipped to, carried to or used in Canada. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all foreign acquisitions are made in compliance with Canadian legislations and with University of Alberta policies. This procedure outlines common types of no-charge transactions with foreign suppliers, methods of purchasing goods or services from foreign suppliers and the obligation of the University to declare all commercial goods upon entry into Canada regardless of the method of acquisition or of carriage across the border. All goods and services acquired for the use of the University of Alberta are defined by Canadian legislation to be commercial goods. This simply means that the goods and services, whether purchased or not, must be reported to Canada Border Services Agency at the point of entry into Canada and applicable duties and taxes must be paid. Import duties and taxes are based on the declared value of the goods in Canadian funds.

C. All Purchases from $5,000 - $75,000

All purchases over $5,000 need to be processed on a Purchase Order through Supply Management Services. Please contact Storeroom staff who are trained on how to request a Purchase Order. Bring your quote and all information for your purchase order to the Storeroom clearly indicating the goods and services to be purchased. Any associated components (e.g. Supplier quote, drawings, etc.) must be included with your request.A Purchase Order represents a binding agreement with the Supplier to provide the goods and services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order and associated documentation.

D. All Purchases Over $75,000

The University is committed to a fair and transparent acquisition process for all goods and services required by University units in support of their operations. All purchases in excess of $75,000 are subject to the University's Competitive Bid Procedure. The University has two clearly defined competitive bid processes (Request for Bid, Request for Proposal) for soliciting competitive bids from suppliers based on the dollar value and complexity of the proposed purchase. Please come see Storeroom staff to help you will these types of purchases.