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Shipping / Courier Services

Local Courier

Pleas bring all local courier deliveries (within metropolitan Edmonton) down to the Storeroom.

Non-Dangerous Goods Shipments

Please right click to download the form

Users needing shipping services (with the exceptions of local courier, dangerous goods and dry ice shipments*) must complete the  Supply Management Services (SMS) Shipping Form on their own computer, print it out, sign it (in both places) and bring the signed form attached to the labeled shipment, down to the Storeroom.  Please remember to "Generate Ref Number". 

Your signature at the bottom of the form is your endorsement that the information you provided is as accurate and complete as possible.  As well, you acknowledge that, if required, your form will be provided to any Provincial, Federal or International bodies investigating any irregularities that may arise as a result of shipping your parcel.

Cutoff for presenting packages and related shipping documents to the Storeroom is 9:30 a.m. (except for local courier deliveries) daily to ensure that your package gets out on time and that Storeroom staff have time to review the forms. This will also allow the user time to make any changes to the form if necessary.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to complete the SMS shipping form.  For more shipping details, please click here.

Transporation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Shipments

All dangerous goods shipments require special handling. All storeroom staff have their TDG certification which is required to ship out all dangerous goods. Deadline to have all your dangerous goods shipments to the Storeroom is 9:30 a.m.  However, there is extra paperwork required to ship dangerous goods so the sooner you can get your shipment to Z-207, the better your chances are of getting your shipment out that day.

If you are planning on taking dangerous goods on the road, please stop by the Storeroom before you leave so the proper documentation can be completed.  Please be aware that it is a criminal offence to transport dangerous goods without the proper documentation in the vehicle with you. 

Storeroom staff will continue to:

  1. answer any questions you have about completing the SMS forms;
  2. provide you with any packaging materials you might need;
  3. review shipping forms for completeness and proper packaging before sending them to Supply Management Services;
  4. process all dry ice and transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) shipments because special training is required for those shipments;
  5. process TDG road forms