Area of Concentration Advisor Phone Room E-Mail Address
Animal Biology (letters A-J)


CCIS 1-275
CCIS 6-061
(letters K-Z) Leys 492-6629 CCIS 5-063
Bioinformatics Gallin 492-1285 CCIS 5-199
Ecology, Evolution and
Environmental Biology (EEEB)
St. Clair 492-9385 BS Z-708
Evolutionary Biology Proctor 492-5704 ES 144
Immunology and Infection (letters A-G) Magor, K 492-5498 CW-326
(letters H-M) Ingham 248-1980 6142H Katz
(letters N-Z) Stafford 492-9258 CW-319A
Microbiology Owttrim 492-1803 BS M-524

Molecular, Cellular and
Developmental Biology (MCDB)

(letters A-H) Locke 492-2193 BS G-319A
(letters I-P) Pilgrim 492-2792 BS G-507A
(letters Q-Z) Waskiewicz 492-4403 BS Z-316
Integrative Physiology
(letters A-K) Allison 492-4430 BS G-315A
(letters L-Z) Chang 492-1278 BS Z-506
Plant Biology Scarpella 492-2869 BS B-514