Biological Sciences

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (Formerly Ecology)

The Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology program introduces students to the study of the interactions of organisms with their environment, diversity of organisms both extant and extinct, adaptations, and mechanisms behind evolutionary change. Course offerings provide students with a foundation in plant, animal and microbial ecology and evolution, studying at the level of individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems, and at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Course offerings are divided into five major lists: (A) biological diversity, (B) biological processes, (C) ecology and environmental biology, (D) evolution and systematics, and (e) scientific methodology.  

Effective 2018, this program was renamed to Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology. Please see program planners to the right for course requirements. The renaming of the program means that we will no longer be admitting students into the Ecology Program. Rather, students will only be admitted into the Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Program. Students who entered program prior to 2018 will graduate with a degree in Ecology. Students who entered the program after that will graduate with a degree in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology.

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Program Admissions

Career Options

There are many routes you can take with your degree in Ecology:

Corporate Biology (greenification of industry) Bioinformatics


Environmental Ethics

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Interpretation/Communication

Environmental Law

Environmental Law Enforcement
Forensic Biology
Environmental Policy

Further Education

Landscape Planning

Managing Wildlife Populations and Conservation

Pest and Disease Management

Program Development

Protected Areas Management


Scientific Illustration