Marine Science

The area of Marine Science spans a vast range of topics including physical and biological oceanography, marine weather, fisheries biology and management, marine conservation, and virtually all aspects of the biology of marine animals and plants.

The University of Alberta does not offer a formal Marine Sciences Degree. Four courses with a strong marine focus are available on campus, as well as a field research program at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) on Vancouver Island. These courses include:

  • Survey of Invertebrates (ZOOL 250) 
  • Advanced Invertebrate Biology (BIOL 495)
  • Marine Science (BIOL 361)
  • The Oceans (EAS 212)

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre offers a summer program, or the option of a 15-credit fall term on-site. BMSC is Canada’s premier marine research and teaching facility, and is co-owned by the University of Alberta.

To register for BMSC, complete the online application form. Consent of the Department of Biological Sciences in required after acceptance in the BMSC program.

Contact BMSC (Dr. Richard Palmer): or (250) 728-3301.