Engineering Generations Wall

Since 1925 our graduates have gone on to apply their knowledge, expertise, and creativity to interesting careers throughout the world. From massive global communications projects to developing the smallest transistors to use on microchips, our alumni's fingerprints are all over today's technology and innovation.

Best of all, they started out right here at the U of A, and we hope they're proud of that. We sure are.

Alumni relations for past graduates is handled primarily through the Faculty of Engineering. Using the links on the right, you'll find out how to reconnect with past colleagues, learn what generations of U of A engineers are doing through our alumni magazine, and stay posted on alumni events happening all over the world.

Electrical and Computer Engineering alumni interested in receptions, reunions, the Generations Wall, or to update their contact information are encouraged to contact Laurie Shinkaruk at 403-718-6394 or email.