Individual Interdisciplinary Studies

The Individual Interdisciplinary Studies Program is offered by the University for both the MSc and the PhD degrees. In it, a student receives a degree from two departments, having satisfied the degree requirements of both. The two departments are referred to as the home and the conjoint department. The home department is that in which the student will perform most of his/her research time and is primarily responsible for the welfare of the student, including financial support. There will be a supervisor from each of the departments, referred to as co-supervisors, thus the student's supervisory and defense committees will have one additional member. In general, the program requires the student to take one additional course as courses taken from one department often count for the second department. The Program requires that the student either enroll in it upon admission or transfer to it within the first few months of enrollment. It is suggested that prospective students discuss the Program with their prospective supervisor prior to admission.